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The innovative design of the Veneo i76 AD system enables the use of modern multi-layer glazing up to 48 mm thick and a wide variety of functional glasses on the window. Thanks to clever fastening techniques, professional installation is quick, efficient and effortless.

Veneo i76 AD with Kömmerling 76 AD Xtrem profile

This economical series for the highest demands includes Kömmerling 76AD profiles with a straight sash, 5 chambers in the profile and a sash and frame depth of 76 mm. As well as standard white welds and fine joinery in other colours. It is possible to choose a shade from a set of 33 sheets available.

As for the glass, the Veneo i76 AD comes standard with 4/16/4 Low-E double glazing with inert gas in the chamber and standard interlayer. If desired, triple glazing can be installed and the intermediate layer can be replaced with a thermal break in the color of the windows.

In terms of hardware, Veneo has used the best components in the i76 AD, such as the Winkhaus activPilot Perimeter, 2 fender protection dampers and the HOPPE Secustik handle.

Veneo i76AD PVC joinery: technical characteristics

In terms of performance, the Veneo i76 AD system has many notable improvements and is also a very flexible option that can be customized to suit any need.

  • Frame heat transfer:
    Uf=1.1 – 1.2 W/m2K
  • Sound insulation: up to 47 dB
  • Air permeability: 4*
  • Water resistance: 9A*
  • Security: up to RC2
  • Wind resistance: C5*

*Maximum or tested settings.

Veneo i76 AD: additional components

In addition to the installation of triple glazing up to 48 mm thick, the new Veneo series allows the installation of aluminum cladding (Aluclip) or aluminum with leveled glass (Aluclip PRO).

It is also possible to install an integrated grid (AddOn).

Interested in this option? Enter our PVC windows, doors and blinds configurator and choose your configuration with the new Veneo i76 AD!