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With the Veneo PremiL series, made with the Kommerling PremiLine system, you can create large surfaces comfortably and with smooth and silent movements. Its robust structure and stainless steel rails guarantee the highest quality.

PVC sliding window with Kommerling PremiLine systems

Veneo PremiL offers a three-chamber insulation system with a thickness of up to 80 mm. With a capacity of up to 4 panels and the ability to add another panel with the third rail, it adapts to any space.

The quality is evident in the finish of the corners and the thickness of the rails, as well as the beveled joint to facilitate drainage. Its aesthetic, double-bevel blade design fits perfectly with any decor and style.

This traditional sliding window system is designed for comfort and ease of use, with a variety of accessories to suit any space. The Veneo PremiL series is compatible with all 70mm systems.

PremiL PVC sliding windows and doors: technical characteristics

Regarding the advantages of the Veneo PremiL system with the PVC profiles of the German brand Kömmerling, the following stand out:

  • 80mm frame with three air chambers and 54mm blade,
  • Window heat transfer Uf 2.2 W/m2K,
  • High inertia steel reinforcement that facilitates fitting connection. Designed to transfer the weight of the glass to the wheel system.
  • sealing system that ensures optimal insulation when closed and smooth sliding when opening the window,
  • possibility of using different glass thicknesses up to 30 mm,
  • Standard hardware channel with a cutout that facilitates the assembly and stability of the different parts. Fastening of fittings with screwed reinforcement, which increases the safety and durability of the system,
  • a wide range of beads with co-extruded compounds, where the neat appearance and easy cleaning of the window stand out,
  • The oblong holes of the fold and the slots of the dewatering chamber follow the technical instructions. In addition, the 5° inclined fold prevents the accumulation of moisture and dirt.
  • High inertia profiles for greater rigidity of your solution and larger dimensions without compromising carpentry performance,
  • the welded corner joint improves mechanical stability and prevents air and water infiltration, which increases the sound insulation and airtightness of the system,
  • The legs of the frame allow the connection of elements such as brackets and other auxiliary profiles that adorn the finish, forming a solid and durable whole.
  • Three rail solution for a maximum opening of 2/3 of the shaft.

Veneo PremiL opening options

Below we present the approximate maximum dimensions of the PremiLine window frames from Kommerling and their opening options.


The minimum span is 450mm and the maximum is 1700mm.

The minimum opening height is 450 mm and the maximum height is 2400 mm.

opening options

As far as the opening options are concerned, there are several options depending on the size chosen.

In addition to the more typical aperture patterns such as C, other options are available upon request.

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