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The constant technological evolution allows us to discover new solutions that improve everyday life. With PVC windows, energy efficiency, production costs, but also the quality standards set by the market are the biggest challenges you have to face. By improving window production and changing their methods, manufacturers can achieve results that deliver real improvements in internal heat retention. Glazing can also affect people’s well-being.

Type of glazing vs. interior design

Sunlight is extremely important in people’s lives. It influences well-being, creates a naturally positive aura indoors and brightens it up dynamically depending on the day and weather changes. Therefore, a very important issue in interior design and design of spaces is the conscious choice of glass used in windows. This will have a major impact on the access of natural light to the home. Winter mainly exposes us to reduced access to the sun, so it is very important that the house benefits from even shorter exposure to the sun.

ECLAZ glass has a exceptional energy efficiency and therefore with great comfort. It benefits from a greater transparency that provides 10% more natural light. Even the best glazing on the market cannot be compared with this modern technology, which offers not only more transparency but also more transparency Higher heat gain and thermal insulation.

The usage of Removed ECLAZ allows greater flexibility in room design when windows are located on the north and east. Better solar radiation reduces electricity costs.

Would you like to install large windows? Are you looking for the perfect solution for your balcony doors? ECLAZ glazing is ideal for this type of joinery and is now available in the Veneo range. Contact us for more information!

Technical details of SGG ECLAZ glass

Thanks to a production with the new technology of coated glasses, which represents an industrial advance, ECLAZ glass positions itself above the best Low-E coated glasses on the market.

Here are some of the technical details of ECLAZ glass, ideal for double and triple glazed windows in mild climates.

  • 10% more solar factor compared to the best triple glazing option and the same percentage gain also with double glazing,
  • Ouch Save up to 20% on your energy bill while reducing the cold wall effect,
  • neutral aesthetics, no mirror effect.

Are you looking for more information? Visit the manufacturer’s website:

or contact Veneo. We’ll help you choose the perfect option for your needs!