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An ideal solution for the four seasons. The Planitherm ONE coating has solar control and low emission properties. By using double glazing in the outer glass, a lighting factor of 71% and a solar factor of 47% are achieved. With triple glazing, with ONE layer on the outer and inner glazing, we achieve Lt = 57% and g = 37%.

Saint Gobain Glass Planitherm ONE low-emission glass

This new « four seasons » glass reflects heat very effectively in summer and keeps the room warm in winter. Its composition consists of several nanometric layers made by sputtering that give it very specific properties.

The layer is highly transparent to light and reflects both infrared and solar radiation.

Glass SGG Planitherm One CLIMALIT® It has the lowest emission capacity possible in industrial production. When installed in double glazing, its efficiency is unique on the market and, in combination with 4-16-4 mm with argon gas, it reaches a value of Ug = 1.0 W/(m2.K).

Planitherm ONE – application and system advantages

This product can be used in the installation of insulating glass for new construction and renovation projects such as:

  • Windows, patio doors and sliding doors in residential buildings,
  • terraces and loggias,
  • Facades and doors of non-residential buildings.

In terms of benefits, this glass system allows energy savings, in addition to:

  • optimal thermal insulation,
  • reduction in heating costs,
  • significant reduction in heat loss,
  • thermal comfort,
  • Even heat distribution in the room, without cold spots.