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Shades of black and dark gray are finally finding their way into our homes. We choose them more and more in interior design and also use them in the home. Charcoal and black windows are trendy. We appreciate its elegance and easy integration into a modern design. But are black windows practical? In terms of functionality, is your choice a good idea?

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Wood of different colors or plastic, but necessarily white. Until a few years ago, the choice of exterior windows was limited to these two options. PVC joinery has conquered the market and has become the most popular option. Users appreciated its durability and resistance to weather conditions, ease of maintenance and high thermal insulation parameters. PVC windows were quickly recognized as the best alternative. However, this solution was only available in one colour: universal white. Knows what quickly became a boring tone for a large segment of consumers.

An alternative has emerged relatively recently. Window manufacturers began to offer PVC windows with colored foils. Colorful webs and patterns inspired by natural wood appear. And then – appeared – the color BLACK and its counterpart a little lighter: the ANTHRACITE.

It didn’t take long for these two dark colors to find their followers. They were valued for their originality and elegant modesty. And the ease with which they can be used in buildings of different shapes and in interiors of different styles. Today, black and anthracite-colored windows are installed in a large number of mostly modern residential complexes. The energy-efficient windows Veneo i5000 and Veneo i8000 as well as the patio doors, for example the sliding window Veneo Eslider, are available in these colours. Let’s find out what your strengths and weaknesses are. And is it a good idea to choose a dark window?

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The main and main value of black and anthracite windows is their aesthetics. The effect we can achieve with them is phenomenal. Dark wood looks good. It is timeless while being incredibly elegant and stylish. And it adapts perfectly to the latest design trends. Both in architecture and in interior design.

Black appears on facades and various elements of the living environment. You can see it on fences, stairs and also in gardens, for example architectural elements for small gardens. But not only. It is also used in rooms with all kinds of functions. From kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms and dressing rooms to offices and… bedrooms! Black is the perfect background for bright colors and bright accessories. And sometimes he plays a good leading role.

Black and dark gray are particularly popular in modern and industrial styles. For example in attics and spaces inspired by it. Dark tones can be combined with natural wood and rusty brick.

Black also works well in combination with concrete and metals like brass, copper and gold. So we can use it to create the style that suits us best: cozy or austerely cold.

Matt black and anthracite windows: do they have disadvantages?

The biggest concern with dark and very dark windows is heating of the profiles. Dark profiles exposed to the sun on hot days are known to get very hot. Then they can be deformed and deformed. But it is not necessary. This risk is minimized by using an appropriate foil.

At Veneo we have over 40 weatherproof panels in different colours. Click on it and get our products. In the Veneo window configurator you can set and evaluate the doors, windows and blinds you want, check the price or buy your windows directly from the home delivery service. You can add additional elements to the joinery, choose the type of glass and choose the foil, e.g. B. matte black. If you are looking for further information on this, or would like to know details about production, prices or delivery, please contact us.

How do you keep black windows clean?

Another problem often feared by those considering buying black windows is keeping them clean. Are dark windows really hard to clean?

Contrary to what you might think, cleaning and maintaining dark windows is the same as with any other color. But really, dust and dirt show up quicker on the black and charcoal colored blades. In addition, the intense color makes scratches and minor surface damage more visible. Fortunately, both problems are easily solved. In the case of superficial dirt, eg dust, it is sufficient to use a suitable cleaning agent.

There is also a solution for minor defects. It should be remembered that scratches on dark profiles can easily be covered with a well-chosen special felt. It’s very effective. Small scratches become invisible.