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Kitchens with windows over the sink are a trend that has caught on in recent years. Many people choose this solution because it gives a modern and elegant touch to the kitchen. If you are planning to renovate your kitchen, this is a great option for you! In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about kitchens with a window over the sink.

Kitchen with a window in the sink

That was unthinkable until a few decades ago. Today it is one of the most common solutions for the kitchen. what are we talking about The sink under the window. Year after year, this solution is increasingly replacing the standard installation, i.e. placing the sink against the wall. What are the advantages of a sink under the window? Do you have any disadvantages? How to place the sink under the window?

Placing the sink under the window has as many advocates as opponents. Before deciding on such a layout in the kitchen, the question often arises whether the sink under the window is really a good option. Among the answers, many arguments confirm that it is a good idea.

Sink under the window and kitchen design

Would you like a stylish kitchen like something out of a catalog or interior design magazine? The sink under the window has been a hallmark of luxury kitchen design for years. Not only in the Hamptons, but also in a rustic or classic style, it is a popular solution. It can also be successfully applied to contemporary styles such as minimalism.

The sink under the kitchen window gets a new dimension and a new look. No more squeezing through the tight space between the counter and the top shelves. He becomes the « hero » of the kitchen and its main attraction. Sinks with an interesting design are usually chosen for this room design – such as the built-in sinks that are so popular today.

Benefits of placing the windows above the sink

The advantage of having the sink under the kitchen window is also being able to enjoy the view. Few people like to do the dishes, right? Being able to look out the window instead of the wall makes this activity more enjoyable.

Therefore, the sink under the window allows you to spend your time doing one of your least favorite tasks. If you do not cover the glazing with a curtain, but install an internal or external blind, you can see what is happening in front of the house or block the sink. This is very convenient especially for people with small children.

More natural light during the day

Placing the sink under the kitchen window has at least one other important advantage. A sink near the window makes washing up easier. Why? All thanks to better sun exposure of the sink or the tray next to the window.

During the day, the benefits are invaluable. This also translates into real annual electricity savings. The artificial light in the sink under the window should only be switched on at dusk and not during the day, as with a sink between cupboards.

Disadvantages of placing a window over the faucet

Has a decision been made? Will your newly renovated kitchen have a window sink? But isn’t that a bad choice? The answer to this question will become easier if you familiarize yourself with our list of disadvantages of the sink under the kitchen window. See why the sink under the kitchen window isn’t a solution for everyone. What are the disadvantages of choosing a window in front of the sink?

Window above the sink and stains on the glass

The main disadvantage of the sink under the window in the kitchen is faster soiling of glass and PVC joinery. Water from the sink under the window will splash onto the glass and leave ugly stains on the glass as it dries.

If you are not picky, then this difficulty in using the sink under the window will not bother you. It is enough to periodically rinse the glass and enjoy the beautiful view guaranteed by the sink under the window.

Less good lighting at night

Many advocates of placing the sink under the window dispute the argument of insufficient night-time illumination of the sink compartment. It is really necessary to have an additional artificial light source, for example, a wall lamp or a ceiling lamp. But doesn’t that also apply to the washbasin between the counter and wall units?

Difficult opening of the window above the sink

The obvious disadvantage of having a sink under a window is the difficulty in opening the windows, for example for washing. However, manufacturers of appliances used in the kitchen, including faucets, have taken care of this problem. They offer collapsible sink faucets under the window. Most often they decorate the sink and allow you to use it comfortably. If you want to open the window, you just have to fold it up.

Missing drain under the window

A window in the sink instead of hanging cabinets is an impossible solution for many people. Especially for all those who cannot do without a draining rack in the upper cabinets. When installing a window washbasin, however, you do not have to do without a drainer.

Just hold on to an under-window sink with a built-in drainer or a sleek model with a countertop drainer. Choose the last option if you have a lot of space for the sink under the window.

Kitchen with a window over the sink – conclusion

The sink under the kitchen window is a great solution for many homes. The main benefit of this sink model is the increase in natural light throughout the kitchen.

The kitchen with a sink under the window is also an aesthetic and popular option. However, not everyone is satisfied with this sink model. The main disadvantages of the sink under the kitchen window are:

– difficult opening of the window above the sink,

– stains on glass and windows,

– less good lighting at night

However, these disadvantages can be minimized by choosing the right sink and faucet model. And the regular use of a cloth to clean the glass.