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Among the many types of sun protection, awnings are very popular. These are systems that protect against both excessive exposure to the sun, and strong winds and noise from busy roads. The undoubted advantages of external roller shutters include protection against heat loss, which helps maintain an optimal temperature inside the building. How does installing these systems affect home heating?

Installation of external blinds and gas bills

Publicly available statistics show that around 15-20% of the heat escapes from the building through cracked windows and doors. Therefore, to minimize heat loss, the first step is to improve the window seal. This can be done by sealing the existing system or replacing old windows with an energy efficient model. Although the latter solution initially involves a larger investment, it turns out to be much more beneficial in the long run. It’s only after you’ve fixed leaky windows that you can consider other ways to reduce your heating bills. One of them is the installation of external blinds.

In passive and energy-saving houses, blinds reduce heat loss by up to 10-15%. These values ​​continue to increase if the roller blind system is installed on older windows. Because the slat frame prevents the inflow of cold air from outside. When lowered, it also acts as a protective baffle (cushion) by trapping heat between the outside of the window and the inside of the shade. This prevents cold air from entering the house and warm air from escaping. The use of special thermal inserts further improves the thermal properties of the overall system. Polyurethane foam, which is an excellent insulator, is commonly used for this.

Other advantages of external blinds

Installing external blinds on plastic windows reduces heat loss and therefore leads to real savings on heating costs in winter. We already know that. But that’s not the only advantage of this solution. Roller shutters are also perfect in summer. They protect from wind, precipitation and excessive insolation of the premises, thanks to which the owner of the building does not have to use air conditioning. This reduces the electricity costs for air conditioning systems. In winter, the roller shutters keep the stored heat inside and in summer they do not let in the heat from outside.

Modern external roller shutter systems also offer additional protection in the event of an attempted break-in. The mere presence of roller shutters can effectively deter potential intruders. At the same time, roller shutters provide more privacy. They allow you to create a safe living space and keep nosy neighbors away. The aesthetic appearance of the systems available on the market makes blinds an ideal addition to buildings built according to the principles of modern architecture. The almost unlimited choice of colors (you can select a color option to match the outer window covering in the Veneo plastic window configurator) for the frames and bumpers enables a vision-specific system to be individually adapted to each investor.