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Window technology has evolved significantly over the years. When shopping for new windows, you may be wondering if casement windows are right for your home. Below we offer very detailed information on the advantages of this type of shelter that can help you decide.

What is a pivot window?

The casement window combines the functions of vertical and horizontal tilting windows. It is a combination of hinged (also called practical or foldable) and pivoting opening systems.

The handle of Pivot window made of PVC It has three positions instead of two as in the species mentioned above.

In the lower position, the window is closed by pressing the sash against the frame. By turning the handle to an intermediate position, the window offers a hinged opening. Turning the handle to the up position opens the window in a tilt and turn position.

How far can a tilt and turn window be opened?

The rotating window can be fully opened along its vertical axis, reaching an opening of almost 180º, allowing greater air circulation inside. Its vertical opening is usually up to 45º, an optimal solution to ventilate the house during the day.

Sliding windows – advantages

The main advantage of the tilt and turn mechanism is that the window can be opened in two ways. It is an ideal solution for small spaces. It also facilitates ventilation when it rains.

Closing the pressure seal on PVC hinged windows provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as sealing the frame. Thanks to this technology, great energy savings can be achieved by reducing household consumption of air conditioners and refrigerators.

The tilt and rotate lunge makes it easier to ventilate the house without having to open the window completely: You save space and avoid draughts. In addition, cleaning the windows and frames becomes much easier compared to a traditional sliding opening.

Turn or window?

Not sure which system to choose? The rotating window or the hinged wardrobe?

As already mentioned, the tilt and turn system offers many advantages. The mechanism is easy to use and offers a high level of ventilation.

Until now, casement windows were only available with a vertical axis to the right or left of the window. The position of the hinges determined whether the window was on the right or left. Thanks to new innovations in window design, there are now also sliding windows with a horizontal axis.

This new type of casement window is ideal for small spaces as it can be opened from both the top and bottom. Additionally, horizontal sliding windows can be customized to open inward or outward, giving homeowners even more flexibility. Whether you’re looking for a traditional PVC window or a new and improved version, there’s sure to be the perfect option for your home.

Turn-tilt system – safety

This type of window, which is even more popular in Spain, usually has security systems when opening. This is a false shunt mechanism.

A misoperation occurs when the handle is pulled up to use the tilt and rotate function without the sash being fully closed. When this happens, a lever on the active blade is activated. This lever detects that the window is not closed and prevents the tilt-open maneuver from being carried out.

This avoids the wing detaching from a point only attached to its lower form. While this isn’t a problem as the blade can be easily changed, this system helps avoid potential scares.

Why choose PVC turn windows?

There are several ways on the market to choose the most suitable material for the realization of your carpentry. But in this section we summarize again in a simple way the advantages of PVC roller shutters:

  • they treat the environment with respect,
  • it is a good natural insulator that is not affected by temperature changes,
  • Being a light and easy-to-work material, you have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of designs and finishes the one that best suits your style.
  • They do not require excessive maintenance.

All these factors make PVC joinery an excellent option for performing any type of joinery.

Be happy with your new joinery!

Tilt&Turn opening products are characterized by their user experience. Those who installed the window with this type of opening appreciate the convenience of its use, density and prices, which are not so different from system products.

more basic.

The good quality and price reviews of rotating hardware cabinets make more and more users to bet on this type of exterior carpentry every year. The advantages and value for money of these products are numerous, in addition to the environmental commitment, insulation and energy efficiency of PVC windows.

Veneo window blind

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turn window systems

We hope this article has cleared some of your doubts about the tilt and turn system. As you can see, this is a very versatile hatch that offers great advantages in terms of safety and energy efficiency. So if you are planning to replace your windows, do not hesitate to opt for the tilt and turn system.