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There are a few things to consider when choosing a door opener. With exterior and interior doors, you should think about your home’s traffic and how you want people to get in and out. You also need to consider the size of the door and the space around it. Here are some tips for choosing the right direction for your doors.

Entrance doors: inward or outward opening?

The front door protects your home from the outside world. We’re not just talking about adverse weather conditions. One of the main features we consider when choosing one front door is its resistance to attempted theft.

It turns out that the burglary resistance class of a door is mainly determined by correct installation, a solid lock with an approved cylinder, suitable hinges and sash design. It doesn’t matter whether the door opens outwards or inwards.

However, the way the front door opens affects the convenience and functionality of its use. Since we use front doors so often, it pays to weigh the pros and cons before making a final decision.

Front doors that open to the outside of the house:

  • do not take up space in the hallway or hallway,
  • in strong winds, the closed door is pressed against the frame even more, resulting in high tightness,
  • they are a safer solution in case you need to flee or evacuate,
  • They require the installation of a stopper to prevent them from opening too far and a canopy to protect both the door and those entering them from rain and snow.

Now let’s list some of the pros and cons of the second option.

Front doors of the house opening inwards:

  • they are more suitable for large corridors or foyers,
  • no bending down when opening, which is especially important in winter or on rainy days,
  • need drip protection to prevent water or snow ingress.

If, in addition to opening to the right or left, you are also interested in choosing the right material for an interior or exterior door, visit our website. For more information on what type of door to choose, see our blog post.

We also invite you to explore the online window, door and blinds configurator, where you can create a budget adapted to the needs of your project. Choose the opening system for your external windows, apply the exact dimensions of the opening in the wall and choose complementary products such as the type of hinges.

In conclusion, you can choose the models you want and cut the budget or proceed with the order. You will receive details on this by email.

open interior doors

Doors to the house or apartment should open in a way that allows easy and safe entry and exit and easy access to light switches. In terms of comfort, in the context of interior doors we must first consider the following:

  • Choose the right opening direction: depending on which side you find it more comfortable to hold the handle to open or close the door, you need to choose left or right.
  • the size of the room – if it is a very small room, it is better to install a door that opens to the outside,
  • Position of switches: The door opening direction and mode should be chosen so that the switches are on the same side as the handle. If you hide the keys when opening the case, access to it will be very inconvenient and inconvenient.

On the other hand, the safe use of interior doors has top priority:

  • leave enough space between doors that are close together. You must ensure that there is enough space so that both doors do not collide or get stuck when opening at the same time.
  • Minimizing the risk of people being hit by the door. In narrow corridors or corridors, it is advisable to install inward-opening doors.

Entrance doors in a block: can they open outwards?

For apartments in apartment buildings, the front door is classified halfway between the external door (which is the entrance to the apartment) and inner door (which is inside the building). They often open up in space. In many cases, this is done for security reasons.

It should also be noted that door leaves used as an exit to the escape route must not reduce the required width of the escape route when they are fully open. And although the corridors of the new blocks are not as narrow as they used to be, the most common solution remains front door which opens to the ground.

If the technical conditions and the regulations in force allow it, you might be tempted to replace the door with one that opens outwards. However, this will most likely require approval from the building manager.

How to open the doors of the house – summary

There is no one way to open a door that works anytime, anywhere. A careful analysis of the needs of each building and the way it is to be used ensures the selection of the optimal solution for each individual case. remember it safety and comfort of all residents is of paramount importance.