Veneo – plastic windows What to do if the window doesn’t close? – Poison

Any device or device can be damaged. This also applies to windows and patio doors. Below we describe the possible reasons for the difficulties in closing the information windows. Remember that the safest and most effective way to repair your window is to hire a company that specializes in maintenance and installation.

The sash rubs against the frame: the window cannot be closed without strong pressure on the sash

Large, heavy sash windows are particularly prone to sagging. Over time, the hinges can loosen, causing the sash to rub against the frame. In some cases, a simple adjustment of the window is enough. To accomplish this task, you will need a small torx wrench and an open-end wrench, which you can use to turn the screws in the blades.

Is for some mechanisms are located in each of the wing beaters on the window. Its function is to ensure the pressure when closing the crankcase.

By turning it slightly, you can move the bolt further or closer to the locking plate and thus adjust the closing force of the window.

Hardware is stuck = difficult to close

Dirt (e.g. from renovation work) can also make it difficult to close the window. Accumulation of sand, dust or larger objects will prevent the device from working properly. Therefore, it is advisable to carefully inspect the hardware around the window. vacuum and remove dirt and clean with a soft, damp cloth if necessary. After cleaning, it is recommended to apply a special hardware oil to the moving parts.

ATTENTION: Do not use detergents to clean the device! Alkaline (various types of lotions and creams) or acidic (e.g. vinegar-based) preparations are especially dangerous, as they can damage the anti-corrosion coating.

Prevention is better than repair

We hope that the information in this article gives you an idea of ​​the possible causes of the difficulty closing the window. If cleaning and adjusting doesn’t help, the safest solution is Call technical service. It’s worth thinking about the guarantee. If damage occurs during the warranty period, it will most likely be repaired at the expense of the manufacturer.

Finally, remember that a regularly maintained and adjusted window will thank you with long and trouble-free use. Remember that the fittings need to be cleaned and lubricated once or better twice a year: before and after winter.