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The long-term climate and energy strategy of the EU envisages achieving climate neutrality in Europe by 2050. Changes also include the construction and use of residential buildings, which accounted for up to 40% of energy generated and 36% of emissions in 2019. carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Green building, a matter of fashion or necessity?

Green solutions and passive houses were seen by many as the result of a trend, but successive alarming reports about the state of our planet’s climate and human influence on the worsening environmental changes clearly contradict this interpretation. Thanks to modern solutions such as photovoltaics or energy-efficient PVC windows, we can significantly reduce CO2 production, achieve a more favorable thermal balance for new buildings and improve the emission behavior of existing systems. What green solutions should be chosen to reduce the use of non-renewable energy needed to heat homes?

Thermal comfort thanks to renewable energies

Innovative technologies were used to achieve a better heat balance in the building. Photovoltaic-based solutions are very popular. Another way to generate renewable energy for the home is to use wind power. However, residential wind turbines take up more space than photovoltaic panels, and their installation costs are also higher. The noise of the turbines, which should be placed at least 300 meters from the nearest buildings, cannot be completely ignored.

Double glazing in a passive and energy-efficient design

In order to optimize the maintenance costs of a building, the principles of passive construction should already be taken into account in the planning phase. With the correct orientation of the glazing in relation to the geographical cardinal points, an environmentally friendly building with very low energy requirements and low operating costs can be created. To allow natural light to brighten and warm living spaces for longer, the largest glass unit should be on the south side of the building.

Sufficient natural light in the living rooms increases your living comfort considerably. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that improperly selected large glazing in a house, due to its area, can go from the strongest bond to the weakest and contribute to the rapid removal of heat from the house. To avoid this, it is advisable to use thermally insulated windows, which reduce heat loss by up to 30% compared to standard solutions.

Energy-efficient glazing for a favorable carbon footprint

The Building Materials Survey 2020 shows that up to 82% of architects assume that the proportion of glass in architecture will increase or remain at the same high level in the coming years. The extensive glazing allows more natural light into the interior, releasing thermal energy for the occupants. The disadvantage of this solution is the heat loss at night and in the winter months.

Veneo responds to these issues by offering glazing dedicated to the energy efficiency of PVC windows, using modern and functional low-emission glass. Saint-Gobain’s innovative ECLAZ glass helps to create warm, well-lit interiors and, by using additional layers, protects the room from overheating and, when the additional films are in place, even from theft. like the acoustic comfort of the users.

Double glazing and environmental impact

The technical limit values ​​of the WEA 2021 introduce restrictive energy requirements for newly constructed buildings. These changes are a consequence of the environmental policy of the European Union and came into effect on January 1, 2021. From that point onwards, all new buildings will use almost a quarter less electricity, which is directly related to the reduction of pollution in the electricity generation process.

Against this background, residential windows equipped with high-quality glazing are a natural option for meeting new standards and achieving high indoor thermal comfort.

ECLAZ double-glazed windows are environmentally friendly thanks to modern production techniques that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the high percentage of double-glazed glass used in manufacture. If you choose ECLAZ, you can be sure that it is the right choice in harmony with nature.