Use the outside awnings – under construction

Thanks to the awnings or terraces on the terrace, you can enjoy the open environment during rush hours in the sun or on rainy days.. With the different structures available, you can create mobile or fixed spaces. Even fixed awnings can be folded, which makes the environment flexible.

In order not to spoil the style of the house, the color of the canopy can be similar to that of the wall. Or the other way around, The canopy can make all the difference and add a touch of personality that our home lacks.

The most modern constructions even allow a large umbrella with support on the side. Tables can now be installed under the parasol without the hassle of centralized maintenance.

When the structure is fixed it is possible to have a system that allows it to bend and have a closed or open environment depending on the needs of the moment.

What if we have enough of the color of the canopy?

Like the color of the walls in our house, we can choose to give it a different tone. In contrast to awnings, these cannot be painted. To change the color, you need to change the canvas.

Changing the color of patio awnings can create a completely different atmosphere. For example, when we want to receive warm atmosphere, better to choose between yellow and orange tones. A good option, so as not to leave anything to chance, is to upholster the chairs or cushions in the same color as the canopy.

It will most likely require the canopy to be replaced before the frame is repaired. To keep the structure in good condition, it is enough to paint it.

How can you enjoy more than one patio or terrace?

The courtyard and terrace have never been as popular as this year. In order to enjoy the environment all day long, you need to protect yourself from the sun and rain. Indoor awnings are a great solution. Here are a few models to consider.

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Folding awnings

The Folding awnings They are a great option when you have a wall to mount them on. The canopy is rolled up, widened and can be tilted by 90 degrees. Depending on the size, it can cover 4 m2.

Sliding awnings

Sliding awnings are another great option for patio awnings. The structure is very simple, but they will go a long way in decorating the house. This model is a trend in patio awnings.


If you want to cover large sizes, it is better to choose pergolas. With a solid construction, it is stronger and safer for large measurements. They come in a variety of designs that allow flexibility and the ability to add a new decorative element to the home.

Awnings for fans

Canvas awnings are a modern and easy installation solution. It is a canvas stretched on the wall or with pillars that must be firmly attached to the floor. They can even be attached Wood pergola roof. The advantage of this type of awning is that several can be added to get the shade you want.

The calm appearance of this type of awning is very pleasant for patios, patios and gardens. The fabric is very strong, durable and takes time to fade.

Awnings with or without a box

When it comes to patios or patios, it is better to go for awnings. Because they have more resistance and security. When closed, the fabric and structure in the box are closed, which prevents damage to the awning. Although the initial investment is larger, it will extend its useful life.

Manual or automated awnings

Is it worth investing in automatic awnings? Without a doubt, motorized awnings are designed to close and open smoothly, allowing the fabric to stretch perfectly as it extends.

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The biggest advantage is the convenience of these electric motorsbecause the canopy opens or closes at the push of a button. Some more modern models have sensors that allow you to sense the intensity of sunlight and wind. Depending on these values, they open or close the awnings.

Instead, hand canopies should be closed or opened with a crank. While it may seem simple, large awnings, such as B. Blankets, more effort.

How do you care for indoor awnings?

Wind is one of the factors that can damage patio awnings. The biggest problem is that it will fly away or break the canopy. Therefore it is recommended to close it in strong winds.

Rain itself is not a problem for awnings. The concern is to close the wet awnings because Mold can grow and damage the canopy. It is recommended to wait until it is completely dry before recording.

To keep the canopy in good condition, it should only be cleaned with soap and water. Cleaning with chemicals or abrasives is not recommended as they will damage the fabric beforehand.

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