Types of waterproofing materials for a terrace

There are a variety of patio waterproofing materials that are very effective depending on the type of roof.. Especially those that are passable, where care must be taken that friction does not damage the waterproofing layer and the coating is aesthetic.

Depending on your budget and the type of terrace, you can then choose between waterproofing paints, bitumen membranes, EPDM membranes and liquid polyurethane waterproofing membranes.

Next, we tell you the pros and cons of each.

Terrace waterproofing function

If you need to choose a material that has the function of waterproofing a patio, it has to be a water repellent. This means it prevents water from moving from one surface to another.

The main disadvantage is that it is a flat surface. This needs to be well sealed or it will cause permanent damage to the structure that is economically more expensive to resolve.

However, no deck sealing system is effective unless the moisture problem at the site is known. So if it’s an existing version, the first step is Check for leaks by performing a leak test.

In addition, patio sealing systems wear out over time. Because of this, it is important to get it. If there is a problem with moisture, mold, or deterioration of the concrete or foundation being sealed, it needs to be repaired.

The characteristics of the terrace and its current condition are the factors that determine the most effective type of waterproofing. Because a surface that doesn’t receive sunlight and is constantly accumulating moisture is not the same as one that receives direct sunlight.

Types of waterproofing for terraces

Whatever material is chosen, the surface to which it is applied must be clean, dry and level. Depending on the materials, waterproofing of the terrace can be divided into the following types:

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Impregnation of terrace paints

The main feature of waterproofing paints for terraces is that they are elastic, resistant and very easy to apply. There are three main types of paint, each with specific functions and in different colors.

Although light colors are most recommended, they reflect sunlight and do not absorb heat. Let the indoor climate be cooler.


This type of varnish is superficially waterproof, but very sensitive to shoe scratches. Therefore it is recommended to use it on terraces with little traffic.

Gum Acrylic Paints

If you want to protect a patio from traffic, you can apply transparent acrylic rubber-based liquid paint. This product has the advantage of being very easy to install. Spreads easily and seals small cracks.

Most It is not suitable for use on walkable terraces. since it is very susceptible to damage from shoes. If you decide to use this product, you must apply a product that protects it, e.g. B. a bituminous polyurethane coating. It is available in a wide range of colors that allow giving an aesthetic that matches the style of the terrace.

polyurethane paints

To protect a deck, a liquid polyurethane coating can be applied to the entire surface. It is a liquid membrane that remains solid after drying. It is very resistant to the action of the sun. It can be used on irregularly walkable terraces.

To protect it from the passage of passers-by and children, a passable waterproofing paint. Because it spreads in liquid form, it can adapt to roofs with many angles or cracks. Another advantage of this product is that it does not require gaskets and generates no waste.

Its mechanical and chemical resistance makes this product increasingly popular. Their price is higher than that of asphalt tracks, but they have longer durability. As long as it is placed with an a a trusted professional.

asphalt fabric

This type of material consists of a sheet of bitumen fiberglass and oxyasphalt. It is most commonly used on decking boards due to its durability and lifespan. If the terraces are walkable, it is advisable to add a layer of geotextile so as not to damage the metal layer.

It comes in the form of rolls that must be immediately heated with a torch to stick to the base.

Placement is recommended for heavily frequented terraces geotextile membrane.

Feuilles EPDM

These EPDM sheets owe their acronym to their components: high quality ethylene, propylene and diene. The last letter M indicates that it has a saturated propylene chain. The combination of these materials makes it possible to: a a highly weather resistant panel for years.

It is one of the materials chosen for waterproofing terraces used for soccer fields or children’s entertainment. Installation of this material is not costly due to its ease of installation. Since no heat is required for application, they are glued with a special adhesive.

It is available in a variety of thicknesses, with the most common thickness used in homes being 1.52mm. This allows vehicles to move smoothly. You can view the list under the following link Benchmark working price.

sealing products

With the exception of colors, the different materials are left together when assembling. Especially around curbs, gutters, ventilation or air conditioning systems. Sealants are used to connect these joints.

Special waterproofing of the terrace

If you want to give the terrace a different look, such as B. laying artificial grass, you have to follow the same steps for waterproofing. The only thing you have to remember is to follow the leveling rule so that the water does not stagnate in any sector.

When installing other types of coverings, such as e.g. B. Wood that require a support base, each attachment point must be waterproofed.

If you want to lay tiles, they should be suitable for outdoor use and not absorb moisture. So that there is no danger in the joints, they must be sealed with a sealant.

In the next article we will show you Efficient sealing systems for different roof types.