Types of parquet Which is the best?

In the everyday life of a repair shop there are do-it-yourself projects of all kinds. In each of them, the different tastes and needs of the individual customers can be assessed. Hence, being able to offer a wide variety of options is an added bonus. One of the elements that will tend to be renewed in a major reform is the flooring, and from that point of view we will focus on the parquet.


It is currently one of the most common floors because it goes against the classic image of tiles or terracotta. The range of parquet floors has developed into an option that is accessible to everyone.

Parquet and picture

Except that it is a little Walkway within easy reach of multiple pockets, to parquet can also be used in many types of interior design. Hence, it is not an obstacle in choosing the interior design that you want to apply in the house. Although it can be tailored to certain interior designs, it can be combined very well with all types. decorative and visual elements.

Another plus for sunny parquet is that it has a significant impact on the new environment that is created both throughout the home and in a particular room. Create parquet floors Feeling of increased heat than other floor coverings. It’s a popular feature that you can find in any home.

¿Natural laminate?

Years ago parquet was considered something extraordinary, it is no longer the case today. Natural parquet is excellent flooring and the result after installation will leave us speechlessHowever, the price is a bit higher and the market is responsible for offering floors to all viewers.

IN laminate It’s a great option for applying this type of coating to the floor of the house. It is about one hard-wearing and long-lasting material that perfectly imitates parquet in the picture plane. Since it is a synthetic material, it offers many options in terms of color and wood pattern.

Parquet in the kitchen and bathroom

IN finished in parquet they are not only combined with natural or laminate parquet. Today it is more than possible to see it the kitchen or the bathroom. Rooms that have not previously been associated with the possibility of using a wooden floor. This can be done either through an open kitchen or through the desire to homogenize the image of the house in all rooms.

In this direction the ceramic floor imitating parquet is the ideal option and who achieve an excellent result. With this type of parquet imitation you have the same thing Strength and durability and maintains an image corresponding to the overall interior design of the house.

Parquet options

It was a review from the advantages of parquet adapt to the image and surroundings of a house and what floor coverings are available to achieve what we want. For now, it is easy and economical to use parquet in the room where you plan to place it.

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