Types of mosquito nets for windows

Window bars keep mosquitoes away and other insects while enjoying the outside air. By opening the windows of our home, we renew the air we breathe and promote a healthier environment.

But if we don’t have a barrier like the mosquito net, some insects can enter our house. Risky bites that can cause allergies or diseases to people or pets.

In addition, with mosquito nets for windows and doors, we reduce the use of certain insecticides and repellents that can negatively affect the air we breathe day and night.

Knowing these benefits, we probably won’t hesitate Install a mosquito net in each opening. We are now faced with the decision of choosing the most effective material and format for our home.

To make your decision easier, we tell you the pros and cons of the different materials, formats and prices of mosquito nets that we can find on the market.

Types of mosquito nets

read bags or mosquito nets They have minimal openings that let air through but prevent small insects like mosquitoes from getting through. Offer additional protection against diseases such as dengue fever.

There are nets made of different materials that meet this condition and some other properties such as durability, transparency, low cost and ease of maintenance. Here we tell you what they are:


Polyester is not as strong as metal, lets less air through and obstructs vision. But its price is much lower than other materials. For this reason it is chosen for windows that do not face a good landscape.

It usually comes in two shades, black and white. Not only is it thin and light, but it is also easy to cut and connect by sewing, special glue or rivets.


The fiberglass mesh is coated with PVC, in addition to an additional treatment that does not transmit UV rays. Its small holes prevent insects and UV rays from entering, but let air and natural light through.

This material is very light, easy to work with and has a longer service life. If you want advice, you can contact a specialist in installing mosquito nets on windows.


Aluminum helps create a web that keeps insects out of our homes without interfering with sunlight or airflow. It is one of the most recommended nets due to its strength, durability and ease of installation.

Its price is higher than polyester and fiberglass. The wires are thinner but closer together to allow for a view of the landscape and to keep very small insects out.

They are also available in gloss black, matte black, and classic silver. This makes it possible to create a very comfortable style in high-visibility outdoor environments.

stainless steel

Stainless steel is one of the most important materials in places where it can take a beating. It not only protects the interior from insects, but also from other small animals such as rodents due to the thickness of the material.

In addition, being a flexible material, it does not deform and keeps its appearance over time.

Types of mosquito nets for windows according to the installation method and the shape of the window

The functionality of the window is one of the most important points when choosing a mosquito net. Depending on the opening frequency or window size, we can make a better decision.

Next we explain the different formats available Protect your home from insects. Under the following link you can find out the recommended prices for the work performed for the installation of insect screens for windows.

Mosquito nets for fixed windows

This format is the most economical and is used for windows that do not open and have remained static since installation.


It’s a great option for windows that need to be fully open at certain times of the day. Because its format allows it to be folded like a blind in the form of a roll. They take up little space and are easy to work with.

movable mosquito nets

It is one of the most flexible solutions when you need to open the window quickly as it slides horizontally. You therefore need rails below and above.

Stretch mosquito nets

The system that characterizes the extendable mosquito net is that it consists of 2 fixed mosquito nets connected to each other by adjustable accessories. The idea is that they adapt perfectly to the width of the window and slide into the guides of the blinds. The height of the window must match. This is a quick fix for windows that don’t have a standard width.

pleated mosquito nets

With this system, the mosquito net is folded in such a way that the window can be fully opened.

magnetic mosquito nets

A more modern format is the mosquito net with magnets integrated in the frame. They are ideal for quick installation of insect screens when you need to protect the window from insects.

Mosquito nets with Velcro

A cheaper option is the mosquito net with Velcro patches on the frame. It is very easy to use with the same efficiency as other formats.