Trend for bathroom floors

Bathroom floors have evolved to offer both functionality and aesthetics. If you think about the style of the bathroom, you can literally choose the aesthetic you want, you can even take a shower with wood on the feet.

The wettest part of the house may contain materials that you couldn’t imagine a few years ago. But of course there are conditions, it is very possible that you will not be able to lay the same floors in the bathroom that you chose for the living room. Unless you have followed the advice we explain below.

Ideal floor coverings for bathrooms

While in the bathroom, moisture is the most difficult condition to overcome,

Ceramics or tiles

This material is one of the oldest that is used for the whole house. They are inexpensive and add color to the house. You can choose between different textures and colors for each setting, or you can buy a range of tiles and redesign the floor of the whole house at once.

Ceramic tiles are particularly preferable in the bathroom, as they are condensation-resistant and very easy to care for.

Tile is the cheapest option, and stone products have a longer shelf life, with ceramic in the middle. These materials are available in many designs and colors. For example the classic black and white for the classic style. In fact, in all shades from gray to white, black is most often used for the bathroom as it brightens and differentiates the areas of the bathroom.

What else, the tiles can be laid diagonally or even in a herringbone pattern to give the bathroom a very modern style.

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To install it, we recommend that you a builder who has experience with ceramic flooring.


Natural stone is one of the most expensive materials that add luxury to any environment. Ditto for the bathroom. The impression of a marble floor cannot be imitated with any other material. While it’s just the details, it adds sophistication to the design.


Laminate floors are among the most developed coverings in recent years. Until recently, due to its low resistance, it could only be installed in the living room, dining room or bedroom.

Currently, its moisture resistance makes it an ideal floor for installation in bathrooms and kitchens.. This is possible because they are made of water-repellent fibers with a non-slip outer layer. They are also treated with antibacterial properties.

Therefore, the danger lies in the installation, which is why it must be perfectly anchored on the ground floor. It is best to choose larger formats so that fewer joints are created.


Vinyl sidewalls are ideal as a bathroom floor. This material is made of PVC and is waterproof. Also available in many textures and colors. Some of them imitate certain natural materials like wood or stone.

A great advantage of this material is that its installation is very easy, since no work is required for it. Some models include an additional layer of shock absorbers in the installation so that the profile is much more comfortable. Therefore, By laying vinyl in the bathroom, we get a comfortable and durable floor.

It’s one of the cheapest and fastest ways to renovate an apartment. Learn more about Sol and vinyl.

Natural wood

Wood and moisture do not get along well, so it would never occur to us to use this material in the bathroom. However, a few years ago it was found that rainforests are more resistant to moisture. There are also some very effective method of protecting the tree from waterwhich makes it waterproof.

Be aware, however, that this is a very delicate material and will require a lot of maintenance to keep it in good condition. Though there is Laminate with very good imitation woodThe presence of natural wood parquet in the bathroom gives elegance to the environment and the whole house.

See how to take care of it Wooden floor.


One of the most modern options due to its practicality and the possibility of combining it with other materials is microcement. Microcement as a floor covering for bathrooms is an increasingly pronounced trend.

The lack of grout is one of the most interesting benefits for the wettest areas and shows a completely smooth coating. Among other things, it does not slip and is very easy to keep clean and in good condition.

In summary, it can be said that microcement meets the minimum requirements for laying as a bathroom floor because it is non-slip, waterproof and very resistant. In terms of design, this is a modern trend due to the wide variety of surfaces and colors. It can also be combined with strips of marble or ceramic to add shine and color to the floor.

As for its installation, this coating is done directly on the previous floorwithout having to remove or straighten it.

Minimize the amount of work and thus the expenditure of time and money. This coating can be used on floors and walls.

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