Top tile trends from Lockdown

While the foreclosure restrictions have slowly been eased, at Home Tiles we’ve seen some very clear design trends among people preparing their homes for the long-awaited July 19th Freedom Day. We thought we’d share the top 3 trends we noticed to help you make your design decision.

1. Shiny smooth polished wall tiles Til

Polished tiles have always been popular, but it was clear that the demand for them had exploded when we opened our doors again. We assume that people want to shock their visitors with glamorous interior changes as households are allowed to mix. They do this extremely well thanks to their reflective top layer, which makes rooms brighter and lighter and literally lets the room shine like a diamond.

2. Marble tiles

An absolute classic in the renovation of kitchens and bathrooms, creates a representative aesthetic and will cast its spell on your guests with ease. One of the main advantages of marble-look porcelain stoneware tiles is that you can get the marble look at a fraction of the price of real marble, which can be quite expensive per square meter. We believe the increase in demand is due to the fact that it is an extremely eye-catching product that fuels our theory of people wanting to show off their inner makeover.

3. Gray tiles

Gray is probably the safest color choice you can make. There are so many different shades, textures, and shapes that it really is a versetile Product. Its popularity can be safely attributed to its neutrality and reputation as a safe option. Gray tiles have always been in demand, so it’s no surprise to see an upward trend at the end of the lockdown.