TOP 4: Program marketplace [2021]

Sell ​​our services through an online marketplace is the most popular option among professionals is currently looking for new customers. Not surprisingly, many get up to 70% of their customers through online portals. Consumer behavior has changed due to technological advances and easy access for customers. It is not very common among the new generations for customers to visit companies to inquire about their services. It is common for them to pick up a cell phone and search and compare on the internet.

What is a repair market?

Reform Marketplace is an online platform where people in need of reform can get in touch with industry experts. Contacts are generally classified into either « full repairs » or lower categories such as « flooring », « installations » or « painting » and so on.

Typically, these platforms charge the professional either a subscription or a contact (or both), and their goal is to help the professional find new customers outside of their usual circle.

Advantages of using and buying customers in the Marketplace:

  • Potential customers In one place: You can find a wide variety of customers and see if they are of interest to your business or not. In addition, you can be recommended by the same customers, increasing sales exponentially.
  • You don’t need to know anything about marketing: The portal is responsible for advertising and prospecting, and you just buy them.
  • Ideal if you are new: And you don’t have a portfolio of customers to recommend you to others.
  • Showcase for your company: You don’t need to have your own website: when you log in with a contact, they can see your profile on the platform and get to know your work and business better.
  • More trust: Customers can see reviews from other happy customers you’ve worked with.


This market is responsible for having customers with service companies, manufacturers, distributors … as well as companies with distributors and Suppliers from various industries You can request quotes through a form and the company will contact you.

This company sells products as well as services, but does not specialize in repairs, it is Generalist who focuses on each sector (wine, toys, design, agriculture, etc.), he is also the client who connects professionals without prior filtering and it shows in the quality of the contact. You have a contact return policy.


At Habitissimo, companies define the type of work they are interested in, top up the credit and it is automatically canceled when a budget request is received according to their search criteria (zip code, type of work, etc.).

This portal, however does not confirm any contactsso that any customer who just wants to know the price can post their request. What else, You cannot select the contacts you want to buybecause if the request meets your criteria, it will be sent directly to you (and billed). Because of this, they have a large volume of applications of all kinds (in construction).


Houzz focuses on the online platform Design and decoration of the house, therefore, it is mainly aimed at helping interior designers and architects to find customers through pictures of their projects.

Companies have an account where the customer can find them based on the reform they want, but anyone can contact them without prior verification. The main difference is that the merchant pays an annual subscription for better positioning when searching for specific zip codes. It focuses more on Professionals who carry out interior design or architectural projects and people who are looking for a particular style of design.

Reform plan market

Plan Reforma’s MARKET is more comprehensive service where you can find customers who want to do a full renovation, renovation or a new build.

In contrast to other portals, with the Reforma MARKET Plan all contacts are checked by telephone with their agents. In addition, there is a workstation (which has no other portal) that gives the customer a free and instant evaluation, eliminating customers who just need to know how much the work would cost them. Professionals have a public profile with pictures and notes, like Houzz or Habitissimo.

Finally, professionals can optionally budget with the STIMAT program, which thanks to its differentiating format should help them to triple their sales. What’s more, it’s the only one that has an unlimited money-back guarantee on contacts.

He specializes in major reforms and housing construction.

SEE CUSTOMERS 100% filtered according to the Reforma MARKET plan