Toilet… solid surface, ceramic coating or gel?

If you have any questions about the portable sink, we will tell you here All the options you need to know The option that best meets your needs. We reveal solid surfaces, ceramic and gel sinks.We compare the three most popular sink types to highlight advantage And each disadvantage. Please read on before deciding on a specific model.

Sturdy basin, elegant and avant-garde

The solid surface is the raw material New generation, Made from a formula containing resin and minerals.Have a Solid finish The homogeneity is very special and corrosion resistant. These sinks are sturdy and durable, and can prevent bumps, bumps and scratches. In addition, most of them have a matte finish with white paint. Therefore, it does not produce the classic luster of ceramic sinks. Nevertheless, the solid surface sink is avant-garde. elegant. They provide many textures, shapes and design options.

It is an antibacterial material because without holes, organic residues will not accumulate in the chamber. It is also stain resistant and very easy to clean and maintain. On the other hand, it is a durable and ecological material because it can be highly recycled and has high fire resistance.

Ceramic sink, the most traditional

well Ceramic They are the most classic Among these three. This is due to its water resistance and generally cheaper prices.They have their own characteristics Well done, Fixed with a single layer of enamel. This enamel manages to convey an impression of space, transparency and hygiene in the bathroom.

It is easy to clean and can be carefully maintained to improve its unique gloss. This optimizes the purity, clarity and brightness of the usual white. In addition, it also has excellent protection against moisture and cleaning products.

Sink with gel coat, highest quality

of Gel coat Is used to get Excellent resistance, Robustness and surface quality of the sink.Actually this high quality As time goes by, it becomes more noticeable due to its high durability. The most commonly used gel layer is composed of a composite of unsaturated epoxy resin or polyester resin.

It makes the sink have antibacterial properties and is easy to repair in the case of long scratches or small cracks. The repair process starts with cleaning and sanding the affected area, and ends with a gel coat. In a few very simple steps, the defects will be resolved after further drying.

Suggestions in our catalog

We recommend that the two sinks of each material are taken directly from Our catalogTo make your work easier and help you choose. In addition, we also provide products in different price ranges to meet your needs. The receiver is as follows:

  • The surface of the sink is firm. Rectangle, the surface is matte white. As we mentioned at the top of the column, this is an easy-to-clean, antibacterial and stress-resistant sink.
  • Hermes washbasin. The surface of the sink is sturdy, with a thickness of 12 cm, making it difficult to install. It has heat resistance, chemical resistance and impact resistance. It stands out with its modern and avant-garde style.
  • Ceramic sink on Dakota countertop. Rectangle and white gloss. It focuses on bathrooms with modern, fresh and elegant aesthetics. It is ready to be installed on the countertop, but it also has the advantage of being fixed on the wall, which provides more possibilities when designing the toilet.
  • Wall-mounted Picolo ceramic washbasin. Whether it is tabletop installation or hanging installation, installation is very easy. Its rectangular shape represents the reduced bottom, and the chest position on the left or right can be selected.
  • Gara washbasin coat. Due to its round shape, it can prevent dust and lime from accumulating in the corners. It is very durable and has a matte finish. It is easy to install and can be assembled with only one cabinet. In addition, the measurement is standard, so you will choose without any problems.
  • Sink the sink with gel coat on the Siro furniture. This is a very hygienic, waterproof and stain-proof antibacterial sink. In addition, you can choose to add skirts. It has a central sinus. It is finished in matte white and is very simple to install on furniture.

Now you have to choose Which one do you like best Design and function. You will definitely find the product that best suits your ideas and needs. Please feel free to send us your questions or requests !