Tips for building your reform society

you wear many years of experience in the construction and renovation industry, They were on the crest of the wave, but a little now new shops will pass you on the right. It’s hard to keep your health food business going when you think customers should come to you and you are doing nothing to attract new customers, or if you do nothing to strengthen the companyfor example, start scanning it.

If your business is NOT on Google, it does NOT exist

The first thing we do nowadays to find a business is Type google and type what we want to search for. For example “repair shops near me” and of course if you are not there, then you do not exist.

Start opening Google Business Profile and register your business. It’s very simple, totally free and you only need a Gmail account:

  • Add essential information: opening hours, phone numbers, email, location, etc.
  • Share photos of your renovation projects.
  • Get your customers talking about you with reviews.
  • Define what your company does.

Another way to be on Google is Creation of profiles on various reference websites of the sector Reforms, what we call the MARKET for reforms, in which not only You won’t find new customers, but you can position yourself as a company as an industry reference with the following tips:

  • i create professional file with information about your company so they can contact you.
  • Describe your professional activity And what does your company do?
  • Upload photos of your renovation work.
  • Get verified reviews your various reform projects.

We leave you the following link so that you can start creating your professional profile with us FULLY OPEN MARKET.


Promote your repair business

Even if you don’t know it, you already are Advertisement for your repair business through your current jobs, as we get the so-called word of mouth effect when customers recommend us. But business communication cannot just rely on references And contrary to what one might think, not all ads come with a high cost.

We will tell you about it two types of advertising:

  • traditional advertising (offline): use the signs of your city, represent the services you offer in different places, the bus stop.
  • Online advertising through your social networks or website Create ads to find potential customers. Facebook allows you to create an ad where they contact your company directly, add multimedia (photos or videos) or add text to highlight your best qualities as a reformed company, among other things.
  • Reform tendencies are changing

    The customer today is not the same as it was 30 years ago, the customer is generally better informed today and is looking for ideas as to what the outcome of their overall reform should be.and reports on the various materials that you can use and of course you are more environmentally friendly and looks for more sustainable ways to reform them, for example the installation of solar panels.

    In addition, today’s customer much more demanding and would like to be clear about the terms of the budget you are proposingthe delivery time of your reform and the type of professional you are.

    And that’s why your business needs to evolveRecycling and continuous learning:

    In other words, if the client is not only looking for a professional to carry out his reform and end, Find a construction company to help youto guide you and show you the best solutions to carry out your reform.


    Not all reform projects are worthwhile

    learn to say no Don’t waste your time with these customers who are the only thing they mean to you It’s a waste of time and money.

    They’ve been in this business for a while andYou have to distinguish between a good customer and one who causes you problems. We mean the ones who try to get you to do more than originally planned, the ones you have to constantly pay attention to in order to pay your bill, or the ones who don’t take advice and end up lying for your solution. company

    Amortize your time and responsibility

    We know how important it is Time in companies in this industry and know the different activities: finding customers, sending budgets, holding meetings, issuing invoices, etc. and all this takes away the time you can devote to carrying out the reforms.

    Therefore, it is important to have a reliable company to help you with this. From Plan Reforma PRO we have Work for more than 10 years with companies dedicated to reform and work, Time saving:

    • Free visibility with our professional profiles.
    • Budget generators automatically.
    • 100% filtered customer market.
    • Accounting and control of income and expenses.
    • Continuously learning sales tool.

    In summary, investing in advertising, staying up to date with all the latest news, knowing how to say no, educating yourself and having software by your side to help you are important for starting your repair business , save time.