Tips for a successful comprehensive reform

When we started entire reform process from home we always try to find the best possible result because it is a complex process. In the next post we would like to give you one more Repair tips to help you.


Plan before you start reforming

We have to be aware of our needs at home because no matter what advice our family and friends want to give us, in the end you are the one who will live in the house, so you have to do it sit quietly and ask yourself what you want to achieve after the reform.

Will you be working from home? Does the bathroom in the bedroom really matter? Do you want an open or closed kitchen? How many parts do you need?Ask yourself what you want for your home And what are you worried about right now?

After answering the questions, Make a priority list of what is most needed and which is just a whim, and so you’ll adjust your budget so as not to stay without getting the essentials done.

How much will my global reform cost?

Once you know your home’s needs, it’s important to be aware of them What investments do you need to make to cover them? and thus helps you to prioritize reforms.

For example, it’s not the same as needing to reform the electrical installation for an already outdated installation, unless you want to swap out the flooring for a more modern design.

So before you fully immerse yourself in your reform and the search for professionals to carry it out, this is what you need to do By estimating how much it will cost you, you can determine whether it is possible or not..

Find out with our calculator FOR FREE the cost of your reform project. In addition, you can contact 4 professionals in your area if you wish.


Find the best professional to carry out your reform

It’s important to have a professional by your side to support you in your endeavors. Although there are ways to connect to them (platforms, friends of friends, internet, etc.), we advise you to have one Conversation, because at that first contact you can discover them services, learn about other projects he has done, find his views and opinions, etc.

Although this is a complex task, we advise you to do it Take your time because he is the one who will lead the reform from the beginning and someone to help you with this process.

You can register via our portal up to 4 professionals in your region NON-BINDINGfrom which you can consult the various works carried out as well as their assessments and opinions.

Compare reform budgets

Once we’ve found different repair companies, it’s time to schedule a visit and measure them so that the assessment they send you is as accurate as possible and you can get to know the professional even better.

Compare reform budgets it is not an easy task and that’s where he usually sits make a mistake, just look at the ultimate cost of reform and let them decide.

exist other factors which you should consider when making your selection, such as:

  • The presentation.
  • clarity of information.
  • hardware options.
  • The conditions and the guarantee of the reform.

Create a sketch for your reform

If we already know what our new house needs, we must look for a professional who will offer you several distribution options and who will outline the new design of our house.

I’m starting have an idea of ​​what the end result will be like the reform will help you to see if it is possible to realize the house of your dreams or if it is possible to implement the reform in your house type.

So have a pro Show the different options and learn how to get the most out of your home This is the best option to get the expected end result.

Permissions and Licenses

He is process before the start of the reformit is therefore important to know everything the necessary steps What should we do and where should we present them?

We advise you to do so The reform company you started is the one that carries all this paleobecause they are used to this type of administration.

As you can see, Carrying out a comprehensive reform is not an easy task, So, if we plan well and pay attention to each of these tips, we are sure that you can reach the end of this process with the expected result.