Tiler or craftsman: the choice is yours

Advantages of a tiler

There are many advantages to using a tiler, so it is the most common practice. Whether you want things to run smoothly or are short on time, there are many reasons why you would want a tiler. We have listed the most important advantages below:


The biggest benefit of hiring a tiler is without a doubt the simplicity of the process. When you rent one, you no longer have to worry about what type of adhesive to use or what surface preparation needs to be done. You will hire a professional who has probably done hundreds of jobs like yours and will be able to identify exactly what materials are needed by looking at the space you want to tile. They can also help you with some of the most important decisions you need to make such as: and while they are laying the tiles, all you have to do is tell them when you are available for work and then they can move on in front of the TV.

It’s a much less stressful process than doing the job yourself, you don’t have to worry about mistakes or do something wrong, as if you hired a professional, you will get a professional result.


When you hire a professional tiler, they have a lot of industry knowledge that can be of tremendous benefit. If you want to achieve a certain type of aesthetic, they will likely know how to achieve it and even be able to guide you and recommend what you need to buy tiles. They can also offer design tips that will really change your property, like adding a shower alcove to your bathroom that people don’t think about often.

Another great benefit of tilers’ know-how is that they know what they are working with. However, if you do the job yourself, you can go for cheaper, inferior tools, as it could be a one-time job and, as the saying goes, « A man is not as good … as his tools » if so. Poor quality can be reflected in the area you are tiling.

Peace of mind

You’re hiring a professional so expect a professional end product. This protects you from possible mistakes when laying the tiles yourself, which would negatively affect the result that a tiler could recognize and correct. In addition, tiles can get very dirty, mixtures like glue and grout are difficult to remove, and if handled improperly, they can damage walls – a conscious concern for the safety of your property.

In addition, splinters or splinters can occur when cutting tiles. These are usually very sharp and can be painful enough to walk around, which is a great danger. A tiler should be able to avoid these shards, but if a person uses tools they are unfamiliar with, they can create these shards and pose a safety hazard if not properly cleaned afterwards.