This is how the charge indicator on the butane bottle works

This is how the indicator works

To use the butane bottle level indicator correctly, note the following:

– There is an indicator two lights shine it lights up depending on where the gas is: red if there is no gas and green if it is available. There are also button that should be squeezed once it sticks to the bottle.

– Important is Pressure difference. When working with ultrasound, this device measures the density inside the bottle. The button must be pressed once placed in an area where there is no gasso that the device detects the density of the blank area (above) and go down till it turns greenindicating that it has detected a change in density and that this is the altitude the gas is at.

There is no change in pressure when the cylinders are full. When using the display with a brand new cylinder, we can see that the red light never turns green. This does not mean that the indicator is not working or the bottle is empty, but that the indicator cannot be changed because the pressure does not change.

– The bottles must be metallic. it should be relatively clean.