This is how low-consumption heating works

Heating with low consumption allows us to save energy and enjoy the same comfort as other appliances. This is made possible by a technology developed for energy efficiency. That saves our wallet and the environment.

This is how low-consumption heating works

In winter, fuel-efficient heating is our best ally. So if you want Renew heating What you have most effectively, don’t miss out on the technologies that these teams incorporate.

UPS system

There are several technologies that improve the performance of heating systems to provide more heat with less energy consumption. One of these technologies is the inverter system that makes it possible regulate the frequency of the electrical cycle and adjust the speed and power depending on the ambient temperature.

This prevents the device from restarting and thus avoids the energy consumption that this generates.

Economic mode

The economy mode differs from the automatic mode in that it saves energy significantly. Thanks to this technology, you can enjoy comfortable air conditioning with significant energy savings of up to 60%.

Electric low temperature heaters

The energy-saving technology works differently with radiators. These installations have internal aluminum channels through which low density oil circulates. Others have other elements like Ceramic brick or direct aluminum. Once this material is hot, it heats the air it touches.

Oil-fired electric heaters are a good alternative for houses that do not need a complete heating system or for houses without gas installation.

Biomass boiler

Low biomass boilers differ from traditional boilers in that they do not burn fossil fuels. These teams burn other fuels that are not harmful at all.

The burner of the boiler or biomass stove burns the natural fuel and the heat during these spasms is fed into the water cycle. The hot water generates heating, service water, swimming pool heating and more.

Consult a Heating expert to determine the best system for your home.

Infrared heating

The energy-efficient infrared heating system mimics the process of the sun’s rays on our planet. The infrared system has been expanded to include a thermostat that regulates the temperature with electricity.

The heat emitted by infrared devices is not transmitted through the air, but rather by infrared waves. So we name it radiating heat. The walls, ceiling, and floor are the ones that trap and give off heat around you.

Commonly referred to as radiation curing, this is a type of heating that has low consumption but does not replace the use of air conditioning. Used in addition to other heaters.

Air conditioning hot or cold

The air conditioner is one of the most advanced heating devices. Works by changing the refrigerant flow twice, in two well-differentiated parts. One for warmth and the other for cold.

What else, This device does not require very expensive maintenance. It just requires frequent cleaning of the air filter and calling a technician to check it regularly.

We’ll tell you in the next article how often should you wait.

Radiant floor

This type of heating consists of laying cables or pipes under the flooring. There hot water circulates from 30º to 45º. The heat from the water flowing through the pipe is transferred through the floor to the ceiling. This is possible because the hot air rises.

Underfloor heating is an inexpensive type of heating that can be combined with other heating systems to increase their efficiency. Although in general a good effect is obtained with an air conditioner.

Take a look at them Guide price for work and material for installing underfloor heating.


Thanks to the electrical resistance of the convectors, they heat the air that enters the device from below and pushes it outwards from above. It quickly heats up small areas such as bathrooms, kitchens or bedrooms.

For its ability to move it without difficulty because they are lightweight and require no installation, you can move from one room to another. You can even add multiple convectors to heat larger rooms. This allows us to adapt the heating to the room that we want to heat.

Something Convector models can be programmed using a mobile phone app. This avoids peaks in consumption by day and night and leads to comfortable living. But the best thing is its high energy efficiency, which will save you money while maintaining an ideal temperature environment.

Radiant heaters

In contrast to convectors, radiant heaters are fixed. They run on electricity and accumulate it while the consumer needs it. They generate homogeneous heat using oil or ceramic liquids. This is the ideal type of heating for a room that needs to have a constant temperature.

Tips for increasing the temperature with low consumption

Heating is one of the keys to making us feel comfortable in our home. Sometimes we need to replace it with a more efficient one, and sometimes we just need to strengthen it. Even if we have the most efficient, low-consumption heaters, we still need to follow some tips that will help us feel more comfortable without increasing energy costs.

Suitable temperature

Rising temperatures increase consumption, so it is recommended to use the same temperature. In summer it is recommended to keep the thermostat of cooling devices at 24 degrees. In winter, it is recommended to set the thermostat of all heating devices to 21 degrees.


Regular maintenance of the heating devices is essential. In this way, the devices become more efficient, extend their service life and promote our health.

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