The window buying process

Do you need new windows but don’t know where to start buying? You are not the only one! Many people faced with this decision can be overwhelmed by all of the factors to consider when choosing new windows for their home.

Good quality new windows often offer many advantages including: less costly maintenance, energy saving, burglary resistance, smoother and more convenient opening and easy cleaning. However, since it is a great investment, it is very important that you consider all of the options before making a purchase decision.

The criteria that you should always consider are your needs and priorities, the budget, the additional features you want the window to have and of course its color and design. It is no less important to choose the store where you are going to make the purchase and the company that will install your boxes.

Considering the following can help you make a good decision:

Energetic efficiency:

Installing energy efficient windows can go a long way in reducing heating or cooling costs. The PVC windows are those that are characterized by the highest energy efficiency and allow you to save up to 70% electricity. There are several energy efficiency measures, but we can assume that for the Spanish climate the window of Thermal transmittance (Uw) at a value of 1.3 W / m2K can be regarded as energy efficient. Enclosures of this type protect your home from the cold in winter and from excessive sunlight in the summer months and help to maintain a constant and comfortable temperature all year round.


Feeling safe at home is very important. If you live on the ground floor in the center of a city, consider buying RC2 resistance class window. This is also a recommended option for windows that are accessible from the patio or balcony.

The type of hole

The type of window opening not only determines the possible ventilation options for the house, but also has a strong effect on ease of cleaning, airtightness and insulation properties. Bottom and pivot windows offer the most options for ventilation, but they are very tight and energy efficient. For information on the options you can choose from, see Articles about opening types.

Design and color

To be completely satisfied with your purchase, you must love your new windows. Choose the style and color that best go with the exterior and interior of your home. You should also consider the size, shape and material of your suitcases. The most classic are white or wooden windows with a square or rectangular shape, but it is often worth choosing something more original to give your home a special touch.


Have you ever heard that the details make all the difference? This also applies to Windows. When looking to buy new cases, consider what additional accessories you might need. Lockable handles, ventilation slots or a low threshold for patio and balcony doors are the elements that can make the use of windows even more convenient.


Ask your dealer about the window manufacturer’s warranties before making a purchase decision. Some only meet the minimum legal standards for construction facilities, while others offer additional benefits. Find out how many years the warranty is and what window components it includes.

Additional services

Another thing to consider when choosing windows is the additional services that come with the purchase, such as: transport The installation Casing. Sometimes they are included in the price of the product, in other cases you have to pay extra. Even the highest quality windows do not work well, which gives you comfort and security if installed incorrectly. The best manufacturers tend to hire certified installers for their products. By discontinuing this service in the place where the purchase was made, the risk of problems arising from later use of the window is minimized.

Buying new windows becomes a lot easier when you consider these factors. If you are on a budget, then before buying any windows, you should know your priorities and what you really need. To find out how much to invest, go to Online window configurator Here you can see how the price changes depending on the equipment.