The perfect layout for a new open kitchen

The sector of Interior design very often its trends are renewed. No place in the house avoids innovations that the market generates both in terms of image and in terms of distribution. The kitchen is one of the most renovated rooms. Its importance to the good daily life makes it important and the news is breathtaking.


The kitchen is not only in constant evolution, but also in constant evolution one of the most sought-after spaces for reform. Apply again Distribution alternatives and the equipment includes some upgrades and can still be used for a full upgrade. Now open kitchens This is the most popular option, but which distribution is the best?

In the same way as in the other rooms will largely depend on available space and budget. However, we will comment on the benefits that we want to distribute L-shaped open kitchen.

Optimized space

One of the first advantages of a open kitchen, distributed in L. It is the ease with which we can enjoy the space. Lean against an L-shaped cabinet We can integrate all devices without having to take up more space than necessary. For example, the refrigerator can be on the smaller side. The oven and microwave can, in turn, be located in the upper and lower storage modules, another good detail of open kitchens of this type.

We can use the lower area of ​​the desk to place drawers and cabinets that are created Storage capacity in the open kitchen. The top can be used to add multiple cabinets, making it even bigger. This way we have enough space to store and organize all kitchen utensils. This way, there may not be visual space in the entire room.

Integrated design

Perhaps one of the most common problems when choosing one The open kitchen is that of design. The kitchen should offer an image that matches the rest of the house or at least the adjoining room. This is not a disadvantage because The range of furniture and kitchen cladding is very wide and adapts to all decorative styles.

One of the most common options in this regard is Combine the covers of the lower and upper furniture. For the lower part, a neutral finish such as white or beige is chosen as these are tones that create space. For the furniture on the upper floor, there is nothing better than a coating in wood tones that can be combined with parquet, for example.

Open kitchen

On this occasion we discovered some advantages that there can be an open kitchen with an L-distribution. There are obviously many more options that are equally valid. With the help of a professional, you are sure to find the one that best suits your style.

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