The most common mistakes when renovating a kitchen

There are many details to consider when planning a kitchen reform. Usually we know what the result should look like, but there are many aspects that need to be evaluated. That’s why we’re telling you the most common mistakes which are normally carried out when repairing a kitchen.


Don’t think too hard about the cast

Whether it’s a big and spacious kitchen or a small kitchen, you should Be aware of certain areas and keep them well defined. This ensures good blood circulation and the way to work in the kitchen is much more agile, practical and practical. It essentially consists of creating an imaginary « triangle » between the cooking zone, rinsing zone and refrigerator.

Ignore ventilation

Some kitchens are lucky enough to have one or more windows facing the outside, which makes ventilation a lot easier. Whether or not you have windows, it is important to facilitate smoke evacuation and avoid odors that linger in the kitchen good vacuum cleaner. And when our kitchen is open to the living room, this element becomes indispensable.

Forget about storage

It is important to remember that the kitchen is typically used to store an infinite number of things, and storage is without a doubt one of the most important things to keep in mind. Whether cupboards or drawers, shelves or other objects, They have to be spacious and adapted to the needs of our kitchen try to make the most of the space we have.

Lighting: a key element in the kitchen

This is usually one of the areas where we spend the least amount of time designing; General lighting is usually used to illuminate the entire room and is not intended for specific zones. If we do Lighting map to highlight key areas our kitchen, e.g. B. a kitchen area or a dining area, we can always benefit from better lighting that is adapted to the space we use.

Don’t hire an industry professional

You know what your kitchen should be like, but that’s important hire a specialist to carry out the reform. We can communicate our priorities and interests, as well as the items that are most important to us, and help us choose the necessary materials and other items that will make up the kitchen of our dreams. They make it more practical and functional without forgetting the aesthetic part.

Source: Roberts Reforms

As you can see, there are many aspects to consider when it comes to kitchen reform Reform plan We encourage you to consult Professionals in your region They advise and accompany you throughout the process so that the end result exactly meets your requirements and you can enjoy your new kitchen with confidence.