The gas water heater is not heating enough water. Why is this happening?

It is possible that with the arrival of the cold you will feel that your gas stove is not heating the water sufficiently. Before you come to the conclusion that it is damaged and should be replaced with a new one, it is desirable Find the source of the problem, it can’t be a serious problem. We’ll show you some of the most common mistakes.

Why is the gas water heater not heating the water sufficiently?

All gas appliances should be checked by professionals in the industry and sometimes determined legislation from the ground. The Installation of radiators The supplier must always properly register and monitor. She will contact you every five years to review it. If you have insurance in addition to the annual inspection and labor discount, you will experience fewer breakdowns.

Test before contacting customer service Increase the temperature depending on the model on the point regulator or on the buttons of the digital display. You have to keep in mind that thThe water is much colder in winter and it takes More force warm up.

Another thing that can happen is that The thermostatic gripper does not work. If you have such a faucet, check the temperature at which the water comes out in the bathroom or kitchen. If it’s hot inside them, most likely yes The problem is in the tap.

I’ve done all the tests, but the cooler still not working properly; What am I doing?

If even after doing the tests that we indicated the problem persists, then it’s better It calls a technician. It is judged whether the gas water heater is not heating the water sufficientlyr that has an external defect or problem. Here are the most common causes:

  • External control valve defective. The gas outlet pipe from the meter to the heater has a regulator that restricts the flow of gas to the heater. The inner diaphragm of this valve may be blocked and prevent sufficient flow to reach it.
  • Internal control valve defective. The cooler also has its own control valve. If this fails, the gas supply will not be well regulated and the burners will not provide enough heat.
  • interference. Particles are difficult to get into the gas, but it can happen. In this case, they remain in the filter at the inlet of the control valve and block the gas passage.
  • Dirty burners. The burners generate soot over time and under heavy use. This creates a crust that changes the quality of the flame and generates less heat.
  • Exchanger. Over the years, limescale and other debris in the water can build up in the copper pipes of the heat exchanger. This layer not only reduces the flow of water, but also prevents adequate heating.
  • Thermocouple and solenoid valve. This set is a safety function that ensures that no gas escapes when the tap is open and there is no flame. This prevents gas accumulation and the risk of explosion. If this part fails, the combustion stops completely.

Is it time to change the boiler?

When The gas heater does not heat the water sufficiently Since you have an overpriced tip, it’s time to invest in a new one. Current models are safer and more efficient.

It is ideal to install one waterproof heater. This system does not require hot air in the house. Is most of it safe and comfortablebecause there is no need for constant air circulation in the house. A device with these properties is valued on cold winter days.

If the characteristics of the house or room make it impossible to install a waterproof radiator, it is very important Buy a model with a scratch temperature sensor. This detects whether the airflow in the smoke vent is reversed due to an obstacle or improper installation.

Leave him The plaster detector is activated in good timeFor example on windy days. When this happens you have to Clear Heats up immediately and waits a few minutes for it to reactivate. However, with a good installation, this device should not work. So it is advisable to call in a technician for an installation inspection just in case.

in the The bathroom We have modern and safe models of radiators. You can see them in the Water Heater section. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.