The color combination for the home influences the mood

The coronavirus forced us to pay more attention Color combination for the home. Not just for aesthetics, but also for our state of mind. There are combinations that promote happiness and others that promote sadness. In addition, it is also boring to see the same colors over and over again.

It’s time to renovate the interior of our home and We can achieve a very significant change by resorting to different hues. The first thing we can do is figure out which color combination for the house best suits our tastes and personality.

Colors convey different sensations and learn to combine them With style we receive the key to a challenging year for all family members.

How to combine colors to paint a house

There are a variety of colors and each of them has deep meanings that we can combine and create a unique environment with. A place where we like to go for a walk alone or with the family.

Brown gray

This color is ideal for combining with intense colors. For good results this year we can use it with dark navy blue, green or garnet. If we don’t want to paint the room repeatedly, this color is ideal because it will last a long time. In addition to walls, this tone can also be used for decorative accessories such as fabrics or furniture.

Light gray and light yellow

It is recommended to use these shades in pairs as gray carries over strength and yellow stands out on the side. Transfer energy. The best way to use these colors is to paint large rooms like walls gray and yellow in certain details. For example in textiles or certain accessories.

Shades of blue

The different shades of blue continue to be among the most selected that are chosen every year for decorating houses. It’s because of Rest and relaxation You reflect. What does it take to find some rest after a chaotic year?

To further reinforce this feeling, you can fall back on blue accessories or furniture on a white or neutral wall. For example, if you use armchairs or various pieces of furniture and even paint the room a delicate blue, you will achieve a very relaxing effect.

The quality of the color and the finish are crucial for a perfect finish. You can consult one here professional artist.


We have to be careful with this color because we have to use it as a base. That said, this color only lasts until we decide Bring color into the house. White is just boring, but it’s the perfect base to combine different shades of furniture or fabrics in curtains, upholstery or carpets.

Let’s not forget that white is a classic that expresses nobility and associates with any type of color, especially wood.

Green olive

If we are looking for elegance, we can find it by combining olive green with browns and grays. They look good anywhere in the house, however It is better to use it in kitchens, studios or bedrooms. This color goes very well with any style.

For example, if we like the harvest, we need to combine it with golden notes. However, if the style you want is rustic, it can be paired with leather and some dark wood, etc.

The good thing about this tone is that it lasts a long time and still retains a touch of personality in our home.


This color gives us peace and harmony, but we can only use it on a wall if there is enough light outside in the area. Otherwise, if the room is darker It is convenient to choose it from fabric or other decorations.

This tone, which lies between brown and red, connects us very well with nature. This even allows us to incorporate it into the patio, garden or patio, as we can combine it with greenery. If you are looking for a funky touch, combine it with bamboo poles, stones or wood.


This color is characterized by the transfer of well-being and warmth. Two things that you should keep in mind in our house all year round. It goes perfectly with green if we are looking for an informal style. If, on the other hand, we are looking for a Scandinavian style, we can combine it with white.

If this is a teenage room, try pairing it with blue, brown, or white. Especially with accessories to create a unique environment with a lot of individuality.

The vintage style is one of the most chosen for this season, Incorporating mustard into this style can be applied in restored furniture.


Lavender can be an eye-catching color that looks great when we know how to combine it properly. For example, if we are looking for an elegant style, we can combine it with shades of gray. If the style you are looking for is more vintage, we can combine it with olive green.

Guess what Reference price from a trusted artist.

Basic rules of color combination for the house

Even if you like colors, too many will have a negative impact. Therefore, some basic rules for combining colors must be followed.

One of them is this The environment should not contain more than three colors and one of them must be neutral. Which should prevail. Then you need to choose a color that will take up 30% of the total space and a stronger tone that will be used for the details.

This rule should also be observed on print, print or wallpaper.

One of the colors that has become fashionable is black. Try to use it only in detail because it brings darkness and what is needed in an environment is light.

If we know the feeling that color is awakening within us, we can use it to improve our attitude. But this year is about more Enjoy the flexibility of each shade and combine it with others to create a unique environment.

It’s a great option washable colors. Know the pros and cons of this type of paint.