The cheapest heating option for your home

This year we will look at our heating and gas consumption differently, because of high inflation resulting prices, especially in the energy sector. Saving on heating is becoming more difficult if possible, we tell you that what is the cheapest heating option for your home.

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Firewood, stoves or blankets will certainly have more attention in our homes than in other years, but that is clear not all houses are finished warm us by the fire, nor warm us at all times in our house as if we were on the street. You can’t imagine the contrast between pulling out a big duvet and taking a shower. For that we need our home have a minimum of heat as we know it lately.

Gas, the cheapest option

The petrol is still there the cheapest option, for those who have access to the natural gas network. The best price is regulated tariff or TUR. The average household can save around €800 with this tariff compared to the cheapest on the free market.

Even gas stoves that don’t require installation cost less as they can cost approximately 20 euros for the cylinders and a little under 300 to buy the device. Safety and smells are the only downsides that make us choose electric.

The difference lies in the heating system

It’s really a system that marks the possible savings in heating your home. For example, if you compare house installations with the same area, this is the air heat energy more efficient systemthen a pellet stove, natural gas condensing boiler and electric radiators.

However, this efficiency is does not include the initial investmentwhich, for example, can range from 8,000 euros for air heating, which is why the decision is still not easy, especially if we are not thinking about reforming our house in order to change the system.

And this winter, you can try to save more without having to switch systems by knowing how Get the most out of your heating but you thermostat.