The budget as a sales tool

Budget isn’t just your cover letter, you should use it as your cover letter as well Sales tool this plays an important role in completing a work. The concept of Paper and static budgets have changedjust like the customers have changed. Now they are more demanding, but also more uncertain, so the initial budget you present them may go through several adjustments when they finally accept it. These changes are extra work for you that you have to endure building more budgets and working on the job site. So how much time do you have for yourself?

For this reason, we at STIMAT always recommend that you work with the Budget Generator in order not only to save time in preparation, but also to use it as a sales tool and stand out from the competition.

What can you benefit from such software? I will tell you.


  • Stylish and very visual PDF quotes
  • Interactive budgets
  • Personalized budgets for every moment of the sale
  • Quote with visualization in the bathroom without additional programs
  • Interactive mood budgets
  • Bank finance budgets for customers
  • Discount budgets
  • Stylish and very visual PDF quotes

    Budget in PDF with STIMAT

    First impressions are important and sometimes they are not given the meaning that they are. So send a budget in PDF format in person or by email. broken with all the details, neat, compact and elegant This enables the customer to better understand the content of the same.

    The layout of this PDF is fully adaptable. Set it with Corporate colors of your companyisEnter your logo and customize your budget 100%. This configuration only needs to be carried out once. Now all you have to do is click Printer button (bottom left) to automatically generate a PDF. All you have to do is ship it or take it to the customer in person.

    Interactive budgets

    Interactive budget with STIMAT

    As mentioned earlier, you will have to change the budget frequently until you adapt it to the client’s needs. This requires a very big time investmentespecially when you have to work on several people’s budgets at the same time. For this reason, STIMAT has one interactive budget never seen. What is it made of?

    When the customer visits, take your tablet or computer with you and present all the options that you can work with from home. Shows you the final bid price based on the quality of the materials you have selected (but it’s already for him that he feels that the total cost is in his hands). The customer not only gives you a very professional image, but also appreciates that you are transparent and shows him all the options.

    You should also keep in mind that if you make changes to the tour, You save working time at homeYou will deal with anything. The visit may take a little longer, but with this budget you don’t have to do anything else.

    Personalized budgets for every moment of the sale

    Choose how you want the customer’s budget to appear

    The first time you contact the client, you may not want to give them all the information about the prices you are working with (to avoid going to another specialist with that information and to reduce your costs). Hence STIMAT, Budget generatorIt allows you to Hide games You just want and show him the chapter summary.

    This setup can be changed as you have more meetings with the customer or their interest increases and you are more confident that you will have an opportunity to stay on the job. What display options do you have?

    • View a chapter summary.
    • Show chapters and games without action.
    • Show chapters and measurement sets.
    • View chapters, games, and product options.

    Choose the visualization that interests you most based on your customer relationship situation.

    Quote with visualization in the bathroom without additional programs

    How to prepare a visualization for a bathroom

    It has always been difficult to prepare a visualization, not only because of the knowledge required to create it, but also because a specific program is required. In STIMAT We have developed a very useful tool that will allow you to preview the bathroom in seconds and that you can present to the customer at the same time you are delivering the budget.

    You might be interested: how to take a bath

    Sure You can load the material chosen by the person This way you can see exactly what the floor, tiles and toilets will look like. You can include any detail you choose in this visualization.

    A very important moment of differentiation between you and your competitors. Start with this tool to add a much more professional touch to your budget.

    Budgets with interactive mood boards

    If we talked about presenting budgets with rendering in the previous point, we recommend that you do so now interactive mood boards. Although this is a tool that is mainly used in interior design, you can use it to suit the budget you are giving the client so that they can change the materials they want to install in their home to suit the different ones Seeing combinations he can have.

    Bank finance budgets for customers

    We know that the main disadvantage for many people in implementing reforms at home is money. They want to work at home more than they can afford. Hence also via STIMAT You can offer funding to individuals so that they do all the necessary reforms while you sign a bigger budget (i.e. with more profit margins).

    At this point we would like to make it clear that the financing is not carried out by you, but by the bank via STIMATpay. Don’t forget to propose it during your visits, you can finally get the client to do all the reforms they had in mind.

    Discount budgets

    One of the most useful sales tools in any business is Discounts or special offers. We see them everywhere: clothing stores, stores, supermarkets … and of course under construction too, so we use them professional budget programs As with STIMAT, you can show your customers the promotions you are running for them and that they themselves are within budget. See the final price cut. It’s a very useful sales tool and you will likely close a lot of other jobs.

    As you can see, The budgets created with STIMAT are much more complete. Why? Because we have judged that budgets can also be very useful sales tool Close jobs and attract more customers.