The best home remedy for removing odors from pipes and drains

Ecological and home remedy for cleaning pipes

We give medicine completely domestic and not harmful to the environmentwith which you can forget about bad smells. It is made up of ingredients that you can rely on throughout the house as you normally would, so they shouldn’t be an additional cost.

Mix in a bowl, two glasses of hot water, a glass of vinegar and five tablespoons of baking soda.

After we pour the mixture into the sink or tub drain, we have to wait a while until a corrosive reaction occurs which form an active foam. This will corrode the dirt that has accumulated in the pipes for some time.

We let go for at least half an hour and after that we pour a liter of boiling water go down the drain to clear the mixture and make it disappear completely.

Finally, we can check how the water normally flows through the pipe and the bad smell goes away.