The best colors in open interiors

The sector of Interior design Changes over the years. Every moment has its peculiarities in terms of distribution and decorate a house. The most normal thing is that, given today’s reforms, homeowners policies have nothing to do with what was called for years ago.

One of the most popular flavors is the preference for open and ethereal spaces. Although before it was something that was more in tune Styles like Scandinavian or with houses of the highest category it is the most common and common today. As with other aspects of interior design, one thing is not enough and you have to know how to homogenize the whole.


Therefore we will comment better colors in open interiors. To do this, we assume certain rooms. For example, if we want to create more visual space, it must be accompanied by nuances that achieve it.

Contemporary style

One of decorative styles which fits very well in open spaces contemporary. The predominant colors are neutral white or soft beige or gray tones. It’s a very effective option as the final image is that of a cozy room and is ideal for a home. With the help of one of these shades one of the goals is achieved, create visual breadth.

If there are good entrances with natural light, very bright and cozy rooms. We have to take this into account when selecting and assigning furniture. Their appearance should follow the color line in the selected interiors, although they can be combined. For example, If the walls are white, then sofas and armchairs can have a gray coating that makes them stand out.

Floor in open spaces

When we talk about open space, that’s the most normal The kitchen is open to the living room or the dining room. Then the question arises of whether to keep the same type of flooring throughout the room or choose a different one in the kitchen. When we are practical a parquet The mid-tone wood blends in perfectly with the overall picture and is ideal for open interiors.

In this case, you can keep it in the kitchen, although other suitable options can be considered. One is to be placed hydraulic soil type in the room occupied by the kitchen. Knowing how to do it well gives you a visual breakup that doesn’t affect the whole thing at all.

Colors in open interiors

As you can see we decided to generate it spacious, bright and comfortable space. A house that is useful both for our daily life and for the times when we receive visitors.

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