The best brands of shower enclosures

One of the accessories that cannot be missing in the bathroom is fence.

Bathroom umbrellas not only prevent spraythey may not appear either humidity on furniture or on lower floors or Accidents slip into the bathroom. Of course, not all are the same. Many models with different qualities are available. We mention here Some brands of shower enclosure you can trust.

Four reliable brands for shower enclosures

There are many signatures Shower walls. This fact can make it difficult to choose a specific home as each home has different prices and models. To make it easier for you, we’ll show you 4 brands that you will fall in love with for their quality, design and guaranteeWhile the screen picker on our website has many other brands that will be great choices as well, we’ve already supported your choices!

1. Art and bathroom

The first brand to check out is Art and Bath. It is a kind of barrier that, as the name suggests, not only protects against water leakage, but also offers great aesthetic value. It’s because discretion, in some cases absent and transparent vitreous High resistance. Some of the models you can install are:

• • Writes a rectangular screen. Simple but very elegant design with black profiles that go wonderfully with your bathroom.

• • Parisian screen. Cable section, reversible slide with limescale protection included, safe bet!

2. Fossil partitions

Fossil Natura is a brand that is characterized by the high quality of its products with a design solution for and for the customer. In keeping with these lines, he creates high-end screens that are perfect for installation in resin and flat shower cubicles. The handles, moldings and the glass, some opaque, give any designer bathroom a unique style. Durability is guaranteed. Among their products, they have semi-circular options that are not found that often. Some models are:
• • L’Europe . For those looking for a more classic style. It’s a screen with a tall handle.

• • Semicircular Nile. The solution for semicircular and opaque glass shower trays is one of the best-selling semicircular screens!

• • Arrecife. Elegance and sophistication of extreme simplicity. Just glass and nothing else.

• • Kalos. It’s a solid screen with aluminum profiles for a more elegant finish. Perfect for large meals.


the Douche partitions Design and functionality are parts that give your bathroom maximum comfort and quality. Doccia is a brand with more than two decades of history that has managed to innovate and stay at the forefront of new materials, new products and of course design. The production process combines, as it cannot be otherwise, automated processes with manual processes that guarantee the highest quality of its products.

To check everything for yourself Just look at her model Doccia Mindanao, a unique industrial design showcase that will add a unique touch to your bathroom.

Torvisco Banos

The last brand we want to tell you about is Torvisco Baños. It is noticeable afterwards quality, but also like that original from its ends. You can get the Pinet line with profiles and wall lights in different colors. This way your bathroom will get a different and very original touch.

Now that you know some of the best shower enclosure brands, here’s how to get them at great prices. These signatures are fully guaranteed from The Bath. Use our search engine and find the one that best suits your bathroom.