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What would a bathroom be without a mirror? It’s one of the foundations that can change the aesthetics of your bathroom. Certainly you no longer feel like a classic square mirror without light. Not even with the usual round mirrors with white borders. the original bathroom mirror and electricity represent an improvement, not only visually but also functionally.

In this article we show you our selection of original bathroom mirrors. Let yourself be surprised by the exclusive designs, the independence that they give you and the possibilities that they offer your bathroom. Design and comfort are an indispensable combination for your bathroom mirror.

Original bath and bathroom mirror

the wide range of models With what we have, it will not be difficult for you to find an original mirror that perfectly suits you and your needs. Choosing the right mirror will transform your bathroom into a whole new environment. Don’t be afraid to go for a spacious, bright and innovative space.

Closet mirror in the bathroom

They are a perfect option for bathrooms that don’t have a lot of space. You have extra space that is normally not used to store all sorts of everyday items in the bathroom.

Mirror designed with internal partitions use every inch and have everything to hand. It won’t take long to find something with our favorites! Here are the most original wardrobe mirrors of our choice:

The mirror of Terra by Otium

You can customize it according to the number of doors by choosing one or two depending on the size you want. It has PVC-coated edges and is available in gray, walnut or oak.

Otium Mile mirror

This original room has a sliding door that is a mirror. It is a wood composition with a height of 60 centimeters and a depth of 15 centimeters, which guarantees a very large storage capacity.

Magnifying mirror in the bathroom

These rarer mirrors are the best choice for take care of every detail Your personal hygiene. They are perfect for applying makeup and shaving facial hair. Here is our favorite model:

ACB’s old mirror

It has a 5x magnification and its own LED lights. You can choose between different dimensions and between cold or warm light.

Bathroom mirror with LED light

These mirrors are a big trend today. These are mirrors that turn on the light, they beautify the bathroom by themselves. They no longer create singles perfect mood lighting for moments of relaxation, but you get a lighthouse without shadow.

But the best thing about them is savings what they suspect. Not only do you save space in your bathroom, but you also have lower power consumption, which is kind to the planet and lowers your household bills at the same time. Save on other accessories that usually come with bathroom mirrors. As can be the case with a toilet.

Forget about complex halogens, LED lighting will be the best option for your bathroom for a long time. We leave you the most original mirrors of our choice with LED lighting:

Corvus mirror from Genexia

Unusual and minimalist design with lots of customization options. You can choose between cold, neutral and warm light. In addition, there are four different possible selection measures. We recommend that you also add an anti-fogging film to the sensor and the ability to turn the touch sensor on and off for your comfort.

Skin en bas mirror

Minimalist style with a thin design line in the form of horizontal LED strips. Integrate the light in the mirror in a subtle way and get a very naturally lit environment.

Mirror dan ACB

One of our design favorites. Its parallel and vertical LED lights as well as their rectangular shape give your bathroom a unique touch. It fits perfectly in large spaces and modern environments.

What are you waiting for? Included The bathroom We support and accompany you with a mirror of your choice during the two-year guarantee. Take this opportunity and contact us!