Terrazas Verdes – a solution for the home

Green terraces are used all over the world to enhance your property, enjoy nature and get more benefits out of it. In Germany, for example, more than 10% of the population have one green roofs Most of the time, “possibly. While in Tokyo, 20% of new buildings are required by law to have green terraces.

Everyone is discovering the benefits of building a patio garden. Latin America is no exception and magnificent green roofs can be seen in Mexico, Brazil and Colombia. Even in some provinces of Argentina like Córdoba and Buenos Aires there are laws that require new buildings to have at least 400 m2 of green terrace.

Types of green terraces

There are three different types green roofs.


A decorative green roof to enjoy with the family or to relax.

By combining different plants, paths and flower beds of different heights, a terraced garden can become a total work of art that families and groups of friends can enjoy. The same plants with flowers for the garden They can be used on the terrace.


If we choose vegetables and fruits in the combination of plants, we will give an additional benefit to the newly created green space. Preferred varieties include vegetables and fruit trees.

A functional green roof. Production of vegetables and greens all year round.


If you just want to give the roof a green look, you can use grass, moss, sedum and other perennials. They are therefore easy to care for and offer all the advantages of a green coat on the roof.

The same technique can also be used jardin vertical to display surprising additional rooms. You can even leave them there garden furniture which you are not currently occupying.

A natural green terrace with native plants. Low maintenance.

The advantages of a green terrace

There are many good reasons to create a roof garden, especially if you live in the city where you often don’t have enough space to create your own garden. But in addition to Beauty and better contact with nature, green terraces offer many advantages. Among them are the following.

Better thermal insulation

When installing a roof garden, a structure is created that increases thermal insulation. So there is one in the house Temperature reduction of up to 8˚C less in summer and keeps it 10˚C more in winter. This promotes significant energy savings in heating and air conditioning.

In addition to savings, there are also savings in terms of CO2 emissions and environmental pollution from the consumption of heating and air conditioning systems from an ecological point of view. Reduce the effects of global warming.

On the left a green roof and on the right the high temperature of a conventional roof in summer (heat island)

Increased sound insulation

The structure also has the advantage of isolating sound up to 8 dB, thus improving the quality of life for the owners. The higher the number of floors, the better the soundproofing.

Increased service life of the roof

A green roof is more protective than other roofs as it needs to be perfectly insulated against moisture. On the other hand, plants and soil protect the roof from weather and solar radiation.

air filtration

There are already few green spaces in cities that can clean the air, so creating new green spaces on rooftops is very beneficial. Also, not just plants absorb CO2 but also other toxins. It is estimated that every 200 m2 of green terrace cleans the air of a typical family.

Rainwater retention and treatment

When it rains, plants naturally store water, preventing it from pooling on the streets and causing flooding. The water closes its cycle through the green layers on the roof and cleans the water of all air pollutants.

zones of use arise

The green roof becomes a new usage area with direct access to nature. A very comfortable space was created for the entire building. Nature allows us to develop good physical and mental health and having this opportunity in the same building is a great advantage.

Increase in real estate value

A roof garden also increases the value of the property and the entire district, as it offers an incomparable aesthetic. So the pleasant space offers itself through Possibility of rest and relaxation It also improves the overall look of the neighborhood. Additionally, providing habitats with native wildlife helps support biodiversity. A very positive factor in the care of all species on this planet.

If you want to consult a specialized gardener, You can do it here.

What you should consider when planning green terraces

Several criteria have to be taken into account garden terracesbefore installing a green roof. These include maintenance, panel loading, waterproofing, water supply and drainage, and rainwater recovery. Here we give you more details.


Of course build a garden The roof requires a preliminary study to determine if the structure of the building or house can support the weight. The additional weight depends on the type of plants selected and the quantity land for garden necessary for the existence of plants.

Therefore, it is first necessary to check whether the structural requirements are met. For this purpose, it is recommended to consult a qualified professional who will advise you on the most suitable green terrace for the building. In this way the project will be successful and very costly structural damage will be avoided.

municipal regulations

In addition to practical knowledge, a good contractor knows the local regulations and will adapt the project to comply with all applicable regulations.


A professional can help you create a good maintenance plan that suits your needs green coatonce everything is installed.

Some green terraces are more complicated to look at than others everything to do with the garden. The most colorful, full of flowers are the ones that require the most plant replacements. The flowers are delicate when watering and most of them are annuals, meaning they need to be changed every year.

The irrigation system is important to keep it in good condition, especially in summer. Listen Prices for the design and installation of green terraces.

The construction phases of a green terrace

support and inclination

The roof structure must be supervised so that it can support the weight of the garden to be installed on it. In addition, a suitable slope, usually 2%, should be provided to the points where the drainage system is to be arranged.


The waterproofing system is essential so that the house is not damaged by the water and humidity that it must constantly endure. Its correct installation is essential because this is the first step, if not done correctly, Repair after installing the garden will be a very difficult task. At this stage we recommend contacting a professional who can advise you on the design, choice and installation of the materials to be used.

sewage system

A good drainage system is just as important as the previous points because the last thing you want is for water to collect on the roof. Nothing can be unforeseen, every detail is extremely important planning and execution for the project to succeed. Because at this stage you should try to get enough water for plant life and growth while avoiding waterlogging.

This system can also provide a barrier to the roots of certain plant species. The materials you choose for this step depend on the type of plant cover chosen for the green patio.

protection racine

Plant roots can damage the drainage and waterproofing system used. Therefore, it is necessary to plan properly before placing the plants.


Installing an appropriate filter allows the drainage system to function properly. The materials selected at this stage are non-biodegradable, so they will last a long time.

A growth medium

In this phase, organic and inorganic materials are used land for garden or the appropriate substrate for the growth of the selected plants.

top layer of soil

Here, yes, after all it will be the plants that will be chosen to give life to the ceiling. The choice of plants depends on the area where the house is located, the climate, the amount of rainfall and the wind. Depending on all these factors, the types of flowers for the garden, vegetables, fruit trees or trees with the most suitable height and winter hardiness are selected.

A place of tranquility just a few meters from you.

How much does a green terrace improve the value of a property?

It is difficult to accurately quantify the actual monetary value of installing a green patio. There are many advantages associated with this better quality of life, pays attention to the environment M save energy.

Therefore, the value of this experience will vary from person to person and place to place. In addition, if the terrace is decorative and likes to garden, it can become the perfect pastime. If you choose vegetables and fruits, you can enjoy Organic food from our own garden.

This new space can be very pleasant to relax and enjoy nature, it can even become an educational space for children.

Your properly installed and well maintained green roof will not only improve in terms of property value the values ​​of your real estatebut also increase marketing and further Real estate values ​​nearby. Although there is no precise data on added value, it is typically more than 25% higher than non-terraced equivalents.

In addition, when deciding to sell the property, the presence of a green terrace is a good representation. Green improvements are very popular these days and a roof garden can make all the difference in whether a potential buyer is interested or not!

Green terraces offer immediate benefitssuch as leisure, pleasure and savings, as well as in the medium term such as the environment and in the long term linked to the attractiveness of the property and its selling price.

A neighborhood like this is a nicer neighborhood.