Swimming lane: the best of the sports pool at home

Seduced by the idea of ​​swimming a few laps at home, some French are increasingly thinking about installing a lap pool in their garden: swim spa, counter-current pool or even a swimming lane. An interesting project as long as you have space and money.

The swim lane?

The swimming lane is a trendy reinforced concrete swimming pool that combines technology with aesthetics and design. It is a buried structure and sometimes partially above ground.

The swimming lane: different styles

The style of the swimming lanes varies according to several criteria, such as the taste, the needs of the customers and of course their budget:

  • Modern style swimming lane: it is a swimming pool with clean lines. It presents itself in length and finesse.
  • Old-fashioned style swimming lane with a traditional flair. The pool is built with thick natural stones.

The dimensions of a swimming lane

Basically one can speak of a swimming lane as long as:

  • Your pool is longer than it is wide: the length should be at least three times the width, for example: 10 m / 3 m or 8 m / 2.5 m. Necessary dimensions if you are at home, in the middle of your garden, really want to make good lengths.
  • the bottom is not very deep
  • the bottom is flat.

If you are looking for an installation specialist, you will find it on this page.

Some accessories to optimize your swim lane

The swim lane is a swimming pool that needs to be well thought out to make it a real place of relaxation and wellbeing. You can outfit it for more efficiency for the athlete you are or add a touch of luxury to it.

– to install Countercurrent swimming system for swimming, on site, no matter how small the space for your swimming lane is (suitable for children)

– to install stairway or choose a sunken beach : two solutions to get into the water gently, then get back into the water after a few lengths and lie down to rest a little

– a Bench with massage jets to transform your swimming lane into a balneotherapy pool, without leaving the house.

Remember, a swimming lane can be kept!

Like all swimming pools, be it for entertainment, recreation or sport, the swimming lane is not exempt from the maintenance obligation. You need to maintain it regularly to keep a clean, healthy, high quality pool.

You can choose between two cleaning modes: manual or integrated automatic. If you enjoy exercising, go to the manual. However, if you don’t want to get out of the way, opt for an automated maintenance system.

This process regularly takes care of the floor of your swim lane, walls, floor, stairs and any equipment installed.