Shabby chic bathroom, vintage touch

A unique bathroom for a different home. This is a premise shabby chic bathroom.

In this new post you will learn how a bathroom can have a thousand details and be filled with a unique style. We leave you the keys to a bathroom full of the spirit of this decoration and indulge in this mixture of styles and times.

Thanks to a combination of beauty, the elegance is simplicity From an era to modern convenience, these bathrooms are a transport to a more peaceful, comfortable, and enjoyable world. Everything you are looking for in a space as special and intimate as your bathroom.

Unique decoration

It is widely recognized as a romantic, soft, and detailed style, although it is characterized by its vintage essence. It has its origins in the days of the great English country houses, so this decoration is full of classic pieces of decoration.

It doesn’t diminish yours refined touch, because in its classic character between the modern age that shaped it in its time. It can also be mixed with current furniture. As mentioned earlier, this is a charming style that claims to be a mirror of your personality.

The first thing that catches your eye is the worn finish presented by imperfections that appear over time. This wear is found in parts with rounded and smooth lineswho are the soul of this style. The sink and toilet are the best ways to add these lines in the bathroom.

When it comes to coloring, you will find environmentally friendly pastel colors and bathroom accessories. But for furniture, this is the best color blanch. On the other hand, the dusty tones for the wall decor cannot be missed.

One of the inevitable reasons is without a doubt flower. Whether in elegant bouquets, cut flowers, wallpapers or prints. Why? As already mentioned, style arises from high fields.

The combination of all these features makes your bathroom spacious. In addition to a lighting Correct and indirect for the ceiling will significantly improve the desired style.

Don’t forget your personal touch! If vintage styles are one it is that they perfectly suit your tastes. You can invest all your creativity in bathroom accessories. Homemade, recycled, and reused pieces are welcome in this style. Feeling exhausted is all you need.

Shabby chic and style The Bath

At The Bath we have pieces that fit perfectly into the shabby chic style. We leave you our four favorite pieces to fill your bathroom with this vintage essence.

thanks first of all Rustic Crete toilet tap What you get in this style is those strong rounded shapes that cannot be negotiated.

Second, we have Selah bathroom cabinet Just check it out to get the feeling we were telling you in this post. This piece of furniture is pure shabby chic.

Third, the toilet cannot be left. the Verona toilets is the one you are looking for for this space.

Our final recommendation is for a standout shabby chic bathroom. Even when we know they’re not that common anymore, we can’t stop recommending them Cavelly claw tub. If you just look at it, by that time you are already on your way.

Do you like shabby chic bathrooms? Will you dare with them? Don’t miss any news to know the best Trends for your bathroom. You will come across ideas that you could never have imagined!