Sand pools: A trend that brings the beach home

Sand pools are one of the most innovative alternatives to a private beach in the garden or courtyard of our house. With the same construction process and resources, a desirable natural setting can be achieved today.

The main feature of these sand pools is that instead of stairs, Access to the water is via a soft sand ramp, as if it were a natural beach. In addition, the material from which it is made has a smooth coating and does not absorb the temperature of the sun.

Another great feature that distinguishes this type of pool design is that it can be perfectly adapted to any space and type of terrain. Complete the idea of ​​our private beach with plants, rocks and waterfalls.

In some cases, builders can customize the existing swimming pool and turn it into these enchanting pools of sand nestled in a completely paradisiacal setting.

before the call pool builder We are more confident in telling you the pros and cons of this new type of swimming pool and its construction.

Advantages of sand pools


If you are interested in a pool other than the traditional pool, sand pools are a great option. It’s not just about giving a different twist to the geometric shapes of swimming pools, but it can be personalized to the maximum. If you think the endless edge is a great option, you’ll love the beach-like entrance for its stunning aesthetic and natural look.

The price is similar to traditional pools

A few years ago, the material needed to build these pools was imported and was therefore more expensive. Currently, materials made in the same country are used, so their price has dropped to almost the same value as traditional concrete.

This factor has given an important impetus to the production of these pools in specific closed or complex areas where an original and informal result is desired.

You can find one here Price list for reference.

Custom design

It is no longer a question of designing the traditional swimming pool, but of giving it a very personal touch. Because the design is completely malleable from the overall size to the depth, sand color and of course the setting you want it to have.

Some of them include stones, vegetation, jacuzzi, lighting or waterfalls, all the details are valid to offer more elements that bring relaxation and enjoyment.

The flexibility associated with the concept of sandboxes is the great flexibility it offers to adapt to almost any plot size.

How do you hire a good pool builder?

the senses

It’s not just about the looks. Sand pools are made from a material that offers a sand-like finish, allowing the beach to be experienced on a tactile level in your own backyard.

A major benefit of the material these pools are made of is that they stay in place even when wet. So it facilitates access to the swimming pool, Avoid falling children or adults with limited mobility.

Completely eliminate the risky edges of traditional pools as all their edges are rounded.

Disadvantages of sandboxes

Considering the many benefits of having a sand pool in our home, we can’t stop to show you some of the downsides of these innovative structures.


Until now, the material used to build this type of pool has required maintenance, which has to be done every four years. This consists of completely emptying the pool Reapply resin accordingly, so that the sand does not fall apart.

Since it is a porous material, cleaning is also a little more complicated than with the classic ones.

Perfect spot for sand pools

Although the size of the available lot is not a constraint on installing a sand pool, if it is small the finish may not be as spectacular as expected.

How are sandpits made?

The construction of sand pools is similar to that of concrete pools. The big difference lies in the design and processing.

Step by step how to build a sand pool

The first thing that needs to be clear is the final design to produce the required watertight container in the required dimensions. The glass is made in the same way as the one in swimming pool or swimming pool traditional.

When glass is made, machines are used to excavate until the desired depth and shape are achieved. Then the shapes of the edges and the whole structure are made with iron bars and nets in which the concrete is poured.

Add after the recommended drying time smooth and non-slip coatings exclusive to this type of pool. Because it is a product prepared with sand and made in our own land. The reason why it is easy to get and its price is not so high.

These resins form durable, non-slip coatings and are easy to clean.

How is a sandpit maintained?

To keep the water in good and healthy condition, the same elements are used as in the traditional swimming pool, namely chlorine, pH regulators, algaecides and clarifiers.

The amount of chlorine to use is 2 parts per million (ppm) and the pH should be between 7.2 and 7.6. When it is low an alkalizing product should be used and when it is high an acidifying product should be used.

When used correctly algaecideThe green tint is eliminated and to make it transparent flocculants are used that increase the size of the particles and allow them to settle on the bottom of the pool, making cleaning easier cash fondos.

The big difference lies in the maintenance of the cover of this revolutionary type of pool due to the sand included in its cover. Because it requires a new application every four years.

The best Any pool can be transformed into a spectacular sand pool. A beach that you can visit at any time of the year since it is located in the garden or on the terrace of your home.