Roof price

Several factors must be taken into account when calculating the price of a new roof, such as the materials (tiles, slates, shingle, etc.), the type of insulation (from the inside or from the outside? ) and the installation of the roof. Find out how to calculate your budget.

Have you decided to renovate your roof, or are you building a new house and you don’t know which finishes to choose for the roof? This article can help you better understand the different options by taking into account the factor that will influence your decision the most: your budget.

It is difficult to correctly estimate the cost of a roof without knowing the details of your site. Indeed, many factors will influence its price. We will therefore give you some benchmarks that will allow you to calculate the approximate cost of the work in your situation.

In any case, do not hesitate to ask for quotes from different artisans in your area and discuss with them to find out which option would suit you best.

Immediately obtain several free quotes for the installation of a new roof and compare them

Factors influencing the final price

As we said, several factors affect the final cost of installing your roof. So, when you do your research, you should take the following factors into account:

  • The type of roofing : this is the element that will weigh the most in your final budget. You will have to choose between different materials such as slate and tiles.
  • Zinguerie : behind this name hides all the copper installation (or equivalent), such as the gutters, which will allow you to customize your roof.
  • The frame : in the case of a renovation, an inspection will allow you to identify whether it is necessary to redo it or if you can use the existing frame.
  • Insulation : this item should not be neglected in your roofing budget because it will have significant repercussions on your future expenses. Indeed, good insulation will allow you to save energy, and therefore financial savings.
  • The installation : after having calculated the cost of the materials, you will have to think about the installation of your roof. The cost will depend on the labor: will you install it yourself or call in the professionals?

Dans le calcul du budget d'une toiture, il faut notamment compter les matériaux et la possible rénovation de la charpente.

The different roofs

There are different covers for your roof, to choose according to the aesthetic rendering you want to give it, but also according to the regulations in force in your region. Thus, you will have the choice between a roof made of tiles, slate, steel, shingle, thatch, zinc, wood shingles or even plant. The first two options are the most common, and are therefore more easily found in the trade.

But how much do these materials cost?

Price of a tiled roof

If you opt for terracotta tiles, know that they have a price ranging from 0.90 € to 2 € per unit. You will therefore have to count on a cost of between € 17 and € 75 per m² , depending on the quality of your tile.

There are also concrete tiles. They have characteristics similar to terracotta tiles, but have a slightly higher cost. Their price is estimated between 25 € and 30 € per m². Be aware, however, that these tend to lose their color after a while and return to their natural color.

Price of a slate roof

Although much more expensive than tiles, slates are a good way to combine aesthetics and resistance . Indeed, if it is well maintained, a slate roof can easily last a hundred years. In addition, thanks to its thickness, slate is an effective insulator .

However, the frame must be strong enough to support its weight. So you will have to think about it in your budget.

The price of a slate roof varies depending on whether they are synthetic or natural. Count between € 50 and € 70 per m² for synthetic slates and from € 100 to € 150 per m² for natural slates .

Price of a shingle roof

If you have a small area to cover, this material can be an attractive option. Indeed, it is light and can be installed by an individual. In addition, with a price between € 15 and € 20 per m² , it is quite affordable.

However, if you opt for this option, you will have to think about installing good insulation. Indeed, the properties of the shingle in this matter are quite limited.

Price of a steel roof

It takes between € 20 and € 40 per m² . However, even though steel prices are very attractive, it is not recommended to use this material for home use. Indeed, the thermal and acoustic insulation that it offers is almost zero , which represents little interest for a house.

Other materials

There are other materials less used for roofing, such as thatch, zinc or green roofs. If one of these options interests you, do not hesitate to go see a craftsman or a professional in the sector working in your area to ask for quotes.

Vous avez le choix entre différents matériaux pour votre toiture : tuiles, ardoises, shingle, acier,...


Good insulation is a necessary investment to save money in the long run. Indeed, if the installation of your roof reduces your energy consumption by limiting thermal bridges and other losses, you can consider that you will have reimbursed part of your coverage thanks to the gain you will have made in your energy bills.

There are three main types of insulation , which have different prices:

  • Insulation from the inside of the roof with attic layout  : this option allows you to make the most of your space, but it is generally the most expensive.
  • Insulation of the attic floor  : this option can be chosen if the attic is not fitted out. In this situation, the attic and its space will allow you to create a layer of insulation, reinforced by the preparation of the floor. This installation is easy to set up, but will waste the space in the attic.
  • Insulation from the outside  : this is, for example, the sarking method. This method is developing more and more, because it is done at the same time as the installation of your cover. You will put different layers on the frame to allow you excellent thermal insulation. Although very effective, this method is quite expensive.

Additional costs: the frame and the zinc work

Other factors will have to be taken into account in your budget.

First, it is important to check that your frame is suitable for receiving the material you have chosen. To do this, it will be necessary to check both its structure and its condition. It is recommended to organize an inspection by a professional so that he can guide you in the best way.

In addition, you will have to take into account the zinc work. These are all the accessories that will facilitate the drainage of water, such as the gutter.

The installation of the roof

It is the second most important item in your roofing budget, after the price of the base material. Indeed, if you decide to call in a professional, that is to say a roofing craftsman, you will have to pay an hourly rate for the labor. This fluctuates between 40 € and 60 € per hour on average.

However, it is strongly recommended to call on a roofing craftsman, because the installation of a roof requires specific know-how. In addition, it requires being strongly equipped in order to achieve the roof in the best conditions. Finally, a professional can advise you on your project, both on the economic side and on the standards to be respected.

Calling on a roofing craftsman will give you several guarantees. The work will be carried out quickly, your installation will be waterproof, durable and solid and it will be guaranteed in case of problems.

Il est vivement recommandé de faire poser une toiture par un artisan-couvreur.

How to find the right roofing craftsman?

In order to find the professional who suits you best, it is important to go to several of them to request quotes and compare them. This will allow you to have an overview of the prices charged by the craftsman, but also to see if he will have taken the time to listen to you and take your project into account.

It is also better to check the reputation of the professional. For this, do not hesitate to ask around you. One of the most effective ways to find out about the quality of a craftsman’s work is to ask friends or individuals who have used their services in the past.

Finally, you can also check its history. Usually a good-working company or craftsman has experience, so do your research to find out.

Price of the installation of a roof

On average, for the installation of a new cover, you will have to pay between 5,000 € and 10,000 € . Obviously, this cost will depend on the different factors that we have mentioned, such as the main material, the insulation and the installation, but also the size of your roof.

To make sure you make the right choice and save money on this work, take the time to look for the option that best suits your project.

Finally, be patient. Indeed, depending on the coverage you will have to perform, as well as the scope and difficulty of the work, your installation may take between three days and two weeks.