Renovation of an old building | Things to be aware of

Today it is difficult, especially for young people, to buy a new house. For this reason, in order to realize the house of their dreams, the vast majority decide to buy one old house second hand to implement the reform, but is it really useful? In this article we will show you how Pros and cons of renovating an old building and some tips for success.


Benefits of renovating an old house

First we find a the lowest price relative to housing for the first time where to wear The reform implemented is generally much broader.

Second, there is a possibility Adjust it 100% to your liking. If you are thinking of a total makeover, research ideas, plan and build the home of your dreams.

Finally, after reform, the price of the house will be reassessed, so it can be a long-term investment opportunity, either to rent it out or to resell it in the future.

Disadvantages of renovating an old house

But we must not forget that any reform can have disadvantages.

First, since it’s an old house, you can give unforeseen expenses incurred as a result of damage resulting from his seniority.

Second, you can come up against limitssuch as load-bearing walls and partitions in the house that can prevent you from making any changes you want.

After all, it comes in handy in most cases the renovation of all apartments is inevitablealthough it is true that there are various tools that can reduce the cost of such reform.

Tips to make your old home renovation work

  • As we have already said, the first thing to do is Installation overview (Gas, electricity, water, etc.). They need to be looked at very carefully and carefully considered what you need.
  • As much as possible (since there will be things you cannot change), redistribute the home’s interior design and create larger spaces with more natural light.
  • Keep some original elements Whether they are in good condition is a shared possession, like leaving wood or exposed brick construction.
  • Check the insulation. Usually abandoned old houses or apartments Avoid both heat and cold, or the coating of the walls, or the windows, or the doors. Please note that this is possible lower energy bill when you improve the insulation of your home.
  • Take advantage and install new points of light. Remember that home lighting is one a very important factor in amplitude generation.
  • Choose the right flooring. choose one with great resistance but at the same time with style. Wood imitation or hydraulic tiles are most often used.
  • The most important thing in a reform is PLANNING. If you think everything through and organize everything, you will suffer fewer unforeseen events.
  • Once the reform is complete, start decorating. Add functional furniture to help you create spaces with your style.
  • From Plan Reforma we help you plan your reform, from estimation to budget calculation to FREE contact with a professional.


    Mistakes to avoid when renovating an old house

  • Go home at different times of the day and consider the orientation of the home so you can see natural light and how to make the most of it.
  • Explore all rooms: How many windows are there, points of light, sockets, etc. Remember that you have to try All rooms are as functional as possible.
  • Do not attempt this reform yourself. Even if you think you can solve something There is always an expert guide you and help you.
  • What aspects should you consider before you start renovating your old house?

    • Find out if the building has passed the ITE (Technical Building Inspection), a test buildings must pass to confirm they are safe.
    • as soon as you have house plans, talk to a professional to help you distribute This. It will guide you to make the most of it
    • Talk to the community and find out if the building has any specs expressly prohibited. For example, there are communities where all homes are required to have a patio awning of the same color.

    Can you renovate an old building?

    Yes, as long as we do it according to plan, because every renovation of the house increases its value, not only in a possible future sale, but also if you decide to rent it out.

    If you want to know how much your complete renovation would cost you, go to Reform Plan and get a free estimate.