Renovation of an apartment from the 1960s: the KAROLCHY success story

We have another success story brought to you by one of the Plan Reforma professionals. In this case we need to talk about it Carolci, Company based in San Martin de la Vega (Madrid) dedicated to construction and major reforms. Created by a full team of architects, technical architects, health and safety architects, you can rely on them for any type of work you want to do in your home.


As always, we would like to introduce one of the following topics to you successes They had recently done one of the jobs. We spoke to Jose Maria and here are some of the things he told us.

There are many cases when professionals Find repairs to old apartments which require thorough renovation work because the materials and management conditions of the buildings have previously changed significantly. In this case, Jose Maria’s team collided 1960s apartment with outdated equipment and room arrangements that are not very useful these days.

Regarding the work done, Jose Maria emphasizes that the reform consists of complete destruction of internal barriers, Replacement of electricity, water supply and sanitation. In addition to the construction of another bathroom, an air duct with air duct was installed. And finally, Replacement of the interior and exterior joinery and the complete kitchen.

Although there are seemingly long jobs, they can be completed at the agreed time: 60 days. However, when reforming these features in dwellings of this antiquity, there are always unforeseen events that are not available. In this case, José Maria explained to us that when the second bathroom was installed, the water supply that would be connected was doomed and they had to fall back on a plumbing system throughout the bathroom.

Bathroom repair

All of this work is done in Rue Manuel Silvela, in Madrid on an approximate budget of 60,000 euros.

You can find out more about such success stories here. Carolci.

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