Reforms in the apartment on the beach: tips

With summer fast approaching, it’s time to get your beachfront condo ready, so today I’m going to give you some basic tips on how to do it renovation of your apartment carried out promptly and with the best results.


What do I have to consider with Renovation of my apartment by the sea?


One of the most important things is a basic examination of the condition installations and structures because most second homes are usually around 20 years old.

if you never are Renovate your condo on the beach it will certainly be necessary to replace the entire electrical installation including cables, sockets and switches.

You should also check the condition of the pipes because if they are copper they will need to be replaced. This will increase your renovation budget, but be aware that with these changes you will have a 21st century home that will offer you more comfort during your stay.


Another thing you should do into consideration when renovating our beachfront condo are they doors and windows as they tend to deteriorate with light use during the winter months and exposure to sand, air or sun.

Therefore, your home renovation should include durable doors and windows that insulate well.


Many beachfront condos date from the 1970s, so most have old bathrooms. Entering a unkempt bathroom makes a very bad impression. Therefore, Remodel the bathroom of your beachfront condo It must be a functional bathroom, adapted to your needs and, above all, beautiful.

We can replace the bathtub with a tub and add handrails, since we often come off the beach wet, with sand… and these elements give us more security.


It is normal for the floors of our beach apartments to wear out more over time, due to the friction of the sand or the high temperatures.

Because of this, we are often forced carry out reforms in this area but thanks to this we can give fresh air to our house.


Like bathrooms, beach apartment kitchens tend to be dated, for that reason We are renovating the kitchen in our apartment It will make our holiday life much easier.

No major reform is needed in this area as it is a second home. We can install new appliances and replace those that don’t work or replace countertops with ones that are easier to clean.


Most of the beachfront apartments have large terraces where we spend most of our time during our vacation. So what are you waiting for reform and equip with everything you need this summer?

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