REFORMMARKT: How do you find customers?

MARKET is, as the name suggests, a species « Online market » where supply and demand meet. In the case that affects us, ReformMARKT will contact us the people who need the services of the works and the reforms with which they can do it: construction professionals.


For whom is that?

Contrary to what you might think, this service is useful both for professionals who need to find clientsas well as those who usually already have a steady flow of customers.

For both is the MARKET allows you to get in touch with potential new customers outside your usual contact circle, create new contact networks.

to know MARKET not only serves to acquire new customersbut to further expand your current network of contacts, which enables you to do two things:

  • Minimize the risk of the flow of customers the « organic » is over
  • If you already have a lot of work, e.g the possibility to select the works What interests you most at the moment?

This is how the Reforma MARKET plan works

How ours works MARKET It has a main pillar: BE THE BEST CUSTOMER SCREENING.

all functionalities that we build and test In these 10 years they have focused on this premise.

The industry enjoys little respect among the population. When I was working on the design of the reforms, before I started Plan Reforma, they would give me “Gohstings” or whatever and say in Spanish… “If I’ve seen you, I don’t remember.

The first What we do is attract customers through different strategies, but all go through a first filter:

That reform calculator It’s easy a form in which the person can define their activity in detail. The good thing is that this algorithm is very accurate and uses market prices from our STIMAT budget program (more on that later). The fact is that it allows us to offer a price Evaluate your work IMMEDIATELY.

And that, gentlemen, helps us get rid of all the people who THEY JUST WANT TO KNOW THE PRICE, which accounts for 85% of customers. Only 15% pass this filter!

in second place All clients that we publish on MARKETPLACE have been called one by one by one of our agents (no automatic phrases). In this call, we have a conversation with this customer to ensure other very important points:

  • The price you see in the calculator more or less suits you.
  • You own the house or something that tells us you will in the near future.
  • Do you really need more offers or just want to check the price you already got from someone you know?
  • This is a good time to contact professionals (sometimes the customer thinks so, but not really). In such a case, we contact the customer (sometimes for months!) until the right moment.

as you can imagine There is a lot of work behind every released track a human team.

return guarantee

And just like there’s a human team behind it (essential for any machine), well You can also lie to us. Or they might even be wrong.

We have one for that Unlimited Return Policy:

  • If you have Buy the contact in the first two days after publication.
  • When the customer did not reject you on the network.
  • When the customer He doesn’t pick up the phone and answer you Whatsapps or emails or anything else.

So We will call the customer to let us know what happened. If the customer really tells us that they are not interested in further offers, we will we give you a voucher to take another job with the same characteristics;

When do we NOT refund a voucher? If the reason is foreign to us, for example:

  • When the customer has chosen another specialist
  • When A customer saw your message / answered your phone or saw your profile Professional (customers will receive an email with your details upon purchase of the contact) you didn’t fit eitherbecause of your approach or for any reason.
  • If the customer tells you so, after a few weeks after all, the work will be delayed by several monthsbut he will.

RESPECTED the visual assessment program that helps you complete more projects

As you know im Plan Reforma launched a 100% professional budget program in 2018 and is focused on accelerating budgets and closing more jobs. as well as When purchasing a contact, you can create the budget automatically via STIMAT. Although you don’t have most premium features, you can edit the auto-generated template, change prices, add or remove items or products, generate a PDF, or send it online.

And after 4 years we can proudly say that the number of professionals who have been using STIMAT as a sales tool for a year has multiplied its acceptance rate of 26%, which additionally implies an average annual turnover of €22,000. interesting, isn’t it?

individual advice

Another point that sets us apart is that it is very important to us that it works for you. That’s why I put together a set for all our customers Course in sales techniques and customer communication which are available to you and which will help you to conclude contracts with both customers MARKET as for yours and obviously does the job best and can therefore recommend you.

How much do MARKETS cost

To start buying contacts you need to subscribe to the DinA1 plan, a subscription that is paid every 5 months and costs €33/month. For your convenience, it is automatically renewed, but you can unsubscribe from the portal at any time. Come on, it’s not up to you to call us so they don’t renew you. And if it happens to you and it’s extended, you have 10 days to request a refund. We deduct €10 from the administration fee.

The subscription that entitles you to:

  • Possibility to buy contacts. The price of each contact depends on the size of the order and ranges from €7 to €48
  • Instant email notifications when new jobs are posted
  • Better positioning in our directory
  • Course in sales techniques and customer communication
  • Ability to use STIMAT with MARKETPLACE contacts
  • Customer service by phone, whatsapp, email or chat during business hours
  • 5 verified reviews if this is your first subscription. For verified reviews, you give us the phone numbers of 3 customers and we call them to give us their review. They have a higher value for placement rankings and they help you start with a more complete profile.

your professional profile

They are professional profile It’s a lot more important than some think. This is your business card I already told you that when you buy a contact, the customer will receive your profile so that they can get more information about you.

Check out these four profiles… which one would you choose?

The choice of information we display is VERY THINK to help you show your worth as people trust positive reviews less and pay more attention to negative reviews, after all, how many of you have written your own reviews from your friends’ emails? Is it just because someone is… special and writes a negative review that damages your reputation? How to protect yourself from negative feedback?

Here are the 3 actions that Plan Reforma provides you (and no one else) with:

  • We recommend verified reviews: Verified reviews are reviews that have been phone verified by our team. Buying Packi is easy, you give us the phone numbers of your previous customers and we call them.
  • Active time in the MARKET: Just as the reform plan has been active since 2012, it has also created calm for the population. You will mature like a good wine. Here we add up all the accumulated days on which you were registered for the DinA1 tariff. For example, if you had 6 months in 2017, 3 months in 2018, 9 months in 2020, and 3 months in 2022, You have accumulated 21 months or 630 days.
  • Number of people contacted: For newbies, you can catch up on activity time by buying lots of contact lenses right out of the box. This way you have more opportunities to get a first job quickly (roughly speaking and depending on your trading skills about 1 in 10 jobs, 2 out of 10 if you also use STIMAT

MARKET configuration

In the MARKET Configuration section you can define the type of jobs you want to be notified about

  • Remarks: You will receive email notifications of all work in the action fields (provinces) you have marked as the default
  • Avis Premium: Filter to only get notifications about the works you really care about: Filter by Code Post!. This doesn’t stop you from accessing the others, but you can further refine your search. There is a surcharge of €2/work.
  • Automatic purchases: If you don’t want to miss the works you are REALLY VERY interested in, buy auto coupons and turn on auto purchases. At the time of publication of this project The system uses one of your coupons to purchase the project automatically (Projects will get a maximum of 3 auto-buys and these will be divided pro-rata among all professionals who have active auto-buys at the time. Auto-buys can also be set up code postal. There is a surcharge of €4/work.

Well, that’s it, I’ve already explained to you in detail how our MARKET works and I hope you’ll be in touch with new customers soon.

Once you start, you can drive Check out our guide to closing more jobs and of course, in my course sales and customer communication techniques.


You can find out how to do this in the following video: