Price of waxed concrete

Are you renovating your home or just want to change your interior decoration?

For your floors, there is a trendy technique that stands out from traditional parquet or tiles: waxed concrete. This will give a modern and aesthetic side to your home . Plus, waxed concrete is an easy-care solution , as you don’t have a joint to clean. And it’s not just gray: there is a wide choice of concrete colors and finishes to customize it to your liking!

But what exactly is waxed concrete? It’s simple: it is a liquid solution which is applied directly to a flat floor in order to obtain a completely smooth coating .

Le béton ciré est une solution très esthétique.

Are you interested, and can you already imagine your new decoration with waxed concrete? However, you should know that waxed concrete is not an entry-level product. A waxed concrete installation can therefore be expensive. It will take several tens of euros per square meter for this coating, its price generally varying between 30 and 150 € / m² .

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What factors influence the price of concrete and its installation?

Several factors will have to be taken into consideration:

  • Quality : As with all products, there are quality differences in concrete. These may cause the price to vary from single to double. Be aware, however, that inexpensive concrete is not good quality . To reduce the price, there is also an option offering kits to install yourself. These are cheaper, but we’ll get to that later.
  • The condition of the ground : obviously, the initial situation of your coating will strongly influence the cost. Indeed, the installation of waxed concrete requires a completely flat floor . If you have to do any work to prepare it, then this will have a direct impact on your final price.
  • The type of finish : you can customize your installation with several small details. In particular, you will have the choice between waxed, effect, painted, smoothed or printed concrete , or even for floors or walls. All this will make the cost higher compared to standard concrete.

Installation of waxed concrete: The options and their cost

This is another very important point in determining the price of your floor. Here again, different options will be available to you. It will be necessary to take the time to study them in order to be sure to choose the one that suits you best.

Installation without professional help

As mentioned earlier, there are waxed concrete installation kits . This option will of course be the least expensive, because you will not have to call on outside help. For this type of kit, count between 30 and 60 € per square meter for the kit and an additional hundred euros for the tools. Also note that the price is decreasing: the larger the area you have to cover, the more the price per meter will drop. Finally, pay attention to the size of your kit. Very often, these are made for small areas.

However, you should know that the installation of waxed concrete is a complex operation . It is also often poorly done when it is not done by a professional. Concrete could, for example, end up with cracks, due to an improperly prepared dosage or improper application.

To train, you can always participate in an installation course given by professional craftsmen for one or two days. It does exist, but it will increase your budget by around 200 € more.

Installation by professionals

In order to guarantee your installation, it is therefore better to use specialists. Before hiring one, you can request quotes from the following professionals:

  • A mason : if you already know exactly what you want and are only looking for a specialist for the installation.
  • An interior designer : if you want or need advice on developing your project and choosing the finishes.

Installation by a professional has several advantages . Among these, we find:

  • Time saving for installation : done by a professional, it will be much faster than if you did it yourself.
  • A clean and efficient site : for the same reasons as for saving time.
  • Optimal use of products : in fact, you will be sure that the craftsman will use all the materials purchased efficiently. If you did it yourself, you could easily waste it for lack of habit.
  • A better result than in the case of a personal installation: and, in the event that you are not satisfied, you will be able to make a complaint.

Pour la pose de béton ciré, il est préférable de faire appel à un professionnel.

Depending on the difficulty and the size of the site, we can consider that the average cost of the installation of waxed concrete by a craftsman is between 100 and 150 € per square meter . This normally includes the materials and the complete installation, ie the preparation of the ground, the application of the waxed concrete and the finishes.

This price may seem high, but it is generated by the complexity and technicality required for the installation. Here again, the prices will be decreasing: the larger your surface area, the lower the price per square meter.

Cost of materials

In order to have a global vision of your budget, it is interesting to know the price of the materials that you will use to compose the waxed concrete mixture. You will indeed need to buy cement, sand, an admixture, and extras according to your finishes , such as aggregates or pigments.

Voci the price of the important elements:

  • Cement : this is easy to buy and is sold in bags of 25 to 50kg. Its price varies from 0.25 to 0.45 € per kilo , depending on the color and the quantity.
  • Sand : sandbags are easy to find. A 35kg bag generally has a price ranging between 2.5 and 6 € . The difference in cost depends on the fineness of the grain.

In conclusion, to get started in a prepared way and know if installing a waxed concrete floor in your home is a viable option, you will need to take several things into consideration. If you are not an excellent handyman, do not hesitate to call a professional. Despite the higher cost, the result will surely be much better and installed faster.

Finally, remember that prices can vary greatly depending on the options. So take the time to do your research, get information from different artisans and ask for quotes with several options. This will allow you to know which option will best suit your financial situation, but also your tastes and desires for your new decoration.