Price of water supply: how much do the main services cost?

The plumbers union is one of the most economically valuable in the field of construction, repairs or reforms. Unsurprisingly, when faced with repairing a water or heating system, many people tremble at the thought of how much it can cost them. So today we will try to clarify the price of plumbing How much are the main services to rent worth?

One of the biggest repair costs is plumbing

Have you ever wondered how much a family can spend each year on repairs, renovations, etc.? Well the average cost is 1,400 euros per yearwhich is quite a high value for some families’ budget. One of the items that accounts for the largest proportion of these costs is the plumbing, and failure to do so is a priority when it comes to repairs.

Many plumbing and piping systems in our country are old, and what’s more, it contains things that we use the most, like faucets, showers or toilets, what is many breakdowns all year round.

The average cost of each repair

Some of the more common repairs to pipelines involve wear and tear on faucets and shut-off valves, which directly requires a part replacement. Toilet tank failure is usually one of the most common services, along with unplugging pipes, which is usually also annoying due to the bad smells it transmits.

These are Average prices which companies bill for these services:

  • General house key change: € 85
  • Exchange shut-off valve: € 86
  • Impregnation of bathtub or shower: € 88
  • Faucet repair or replacement: € 90
  • Manual or press release: 97 €
  • Change of sink drain: 97 €
  • Container change mechanism: 130 €
  • Repair of the siphon boat: 134 €

Can we avoid spending on certain repairs?

The answer, as with almost everything, is « it depends ». First of all, it depends on your plumbing knowledge or whether you have done any repairs beforehand. It is clear that in this area where failure can be an even worse offense, it is inadvisable to take risks. So In the absence of experience or any doubt, our best option would always be to call a plumberIf we have references from which an expert assures you a good result, all the better.

« Jet » faucet with handle for the sink

PVP in preparation € 52.53

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