Price of reversible air conditioning

Before embarking on the purchase of your reversible air conditioning, it will be important to properly analyze your project. You will need to think about the type of installation you are interested in, but also where you will install it. These questions will guide you in your choices. In addition, they will allow you to more accurately estimate the price of the air conditioning that interests you.

In our latitudes, it is often useful and necessary to have a heating system in winter, but also an option to cool down in summer. This is especially true that with global warming, the seasons tend to be more extreme.

It is therefore necessary to install two systems in parallel: one for heating and the other for cooling. To make things easier, there is now an option combining these two systems in one device: the reversible air conditioner.

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What criteria should be taken into account when choosing a reversible air conditioner?

Before you start buying your reversible air conditioning, it will be important to analyze your project. You will have to think about the type of installation you are interested in, but also the place in which you will install it. These questions will guide you in your choices. In addition, they will allow you to more accurately estimate the price of the air conditioning that interests you.

Three important criteria must be taken into account  : the coefficient of performance, energy consumption and noise pollution.

The coefficient of performance , or COP, must be adapted to your needs. It is generally recommended to use air conditioning with a coefficient greater than 3 . This indicates that it will produce three times more energy than it consumes. Below this coefficient, the quality of your air conditioner will not be guaranteed.

Next, it’s important to take a good look at the energy labels to find out if your device is consuming energy. To avoid having a device that consumes too much energy, it is recommended to buy an efficient air conditioning with a classified A label .

Finally, you will have to pay attention to the noise nuisance of the device . This is especially the case  if you want to install it in a bedroom. Indeed, some air conditioners can produce a lot of noise. Typically, a quiet air conditioner displays noise levels between 20 and 30 decibels .

Les climatiseurs réversibles permettent de chauffer et de refroidir la maison.

The different types of air conditioning

There are two main models of reversible air conditioning: the classic and the inverter.

Classic reversible air conditioning

These air conditioners work on a simple principle: they start up when a limit temperature is detected, and they stop working when the comfort temperature is reached. This process is repeated indefinitely and helps keep the temperature relatively uniform.

However, the downside of these systems is that they produce an impression of draft in the rooms of the house, whether in heating mode or in cooling mode.

Depending on the brand and the quality of your air conditioning, the prices of these models range from € 600 to € 1,200 .

Reversible inverter air conditioning

These air conditioners are newer models and therefore operate differently. Inverter air conditioners operate continuously and constantly regulate their air production in order to have a constant comfort temperature .

This mode of operation has significant advantages. For example, it eliminates the draft effect, but also saves energy . Indeed, starting an air conditioner is the most energy consuming moment. By operating continuously, inverter air conditioners can save up to 20% of energy compared to conventional air conditioning.

However, this technology has a cost: for an inverter air conditioning, you will need to count between 900 € and 5,000 € .

Il existe deux types de climatiseurs réversibles : classiques et inverter.

Laying and cost of installation

The best way to know the exact cost of installing the device you have chosen is to request a quote. However, to give you an idea, here are the three types of installation  and their estimated cost.

Classic installation

In most cases, to be effective, reversible air conditioners are equipped with two parts . One is preferably installed against a wall indoors and the other is outdoors.

The installation of these two units requires significant and complex work , since it is necessary to install pipes between the two units. This therefore involves the drilling of one or more walls, but also the creation of an electrical circuit in order to supply the units. It is therefore also necessary to make a circuit going to the electrical panel.

Air conditioning ducts

Air conditioning ducts provide full air conditioning throughout the house . This means that they are more complex to install , but they are also the most luxurious.

In this case, one or more outdoor units are installed and one indoor unit usually installed in the attic. From the indoor unit extends a network of ducts whose mission is to supply fresh or hot air to each room of the house. The air conditioning will thus be distributed to the different rooms of your home through very discreet grilles.

The advantage of this system is its unbeatable aesthetics and the possibility of air conditioning the whole house in a single gesture. However, this comfort comes at a price. The cost of ducted air conditioning generally varies from 150 € / m² to 200 € / m² of air-conditioned surface .

Solar air conditioning

Even if it is of good quality, air conditioning is an energy consuming device. One solution to reduce your consumption is therefore to install solar air conditioning. In this case, you have the choice between two options: photovoltaic panels or thermal air conditioning .

Thus, the air conditioning can be powered by photovoltaic panels, which are usually placed on the roof of the house or directly on the outdoor air conditioning unit. To the cost of your conventional installation, you will then have to add that of the solar panels and their installation.

In the case of thermal air conditioning, the system is based on thermodynamics and allows the air to be cooled by exposing a hollow tube to the sun. This system works perfectly well, even in reversible mode.

Whichever solar installation option you choose, it is still quite an expensive installation. In fact, the price of solar photovoltaic air conditioning varies between € 600 and € 5,000 , while that of solar thermal air conditioning varies from € 15,000 to € 30,000 .

Installation by a professional or by an individual?

As we have said, installing air conditioning requires specialized technical know-how in both electricity and masonry, as well as significant tools , regardless of the installation method chosen.

Indeed, the boring of walls, the laying of conduits, the realization of an electrical circuit and the balancing of the system are based on very drastic official standards. This is why only professionals specialized in this type of installation should take care of the installation of your air conditioning.

If you are not used to this kind of work, do not even think of embarking on the adventure. You risk not respecting the installation standards , which could damage your device in the short or long term, or even be dangerous for your health.
The use of a specialized craftsman, for its part, will allow you to respect these standards and guarantee you an optimal installation while involving the lowest possible electrical consumption.

What cost to foresee for the installation?

The best way to find out the cost of installing your air conditioning is to ask for quotes from professionals. Indeed, the final price will depend on the complexity of the installation compared to your home. In addition, this will allow you to discuss with the craftsman and ask for details about the services he will offer you.

However, be aware that installation by a professional is billed on average between € 700 and € 1,500 excluding the device .

As you have seen, the purchase and installation of reversible air conditioning requires a significant budget. It is therefore important to think through all the details before making your choice, in order to install the option that suits you best.

Also ensure that the installation is done in compliance with environmental and safety standards. This is necessary to ensure that your device lasts as long as possible over time and that your investment is profitable in the long term.