Price of an Ikea kitchen

How much does an Ikea kitchen cost? Can I get help creating and installing the kitchen of my dreams? So many questions that deserve an answer.

That’s it, you finally have the keys to your new home and all you have to do is settle in! You will then have to unpack the boxes in each room in order to make your new space your own. But one of the big steps that will give your new home its identity is the kitchen layout.

Yes, there is nothing worse than a kitchen that is not functional and where the utensils are not stored in the right drawer. If you want a new kitchen, you’ll be spoilt for choice among the different brands and stores that share the market.

Of course, at Ikea, you will have the opportunity to observe, compare and choose fully equipped kitchens. You will be spoilt for choice between the different models, whether it is for the furniture, the equipment or even the finishes.

Ikea propose de nombreux styles de cuisine.

So, what do you need to know to know the price of an Ikea kitchen?

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A few tips on how to organize your kitchen

First of all, you will have to think about your project carefully. The price will of course vary according to the choice of furniture and equipment, but also according to the size of your kitchen and the installation.

In order to properly plan your future kitchen, take into account these different tips:

  • Favour freedom and speed of movement in the work triangle, i.e. between the sink, the refrigerator and the cooking area.
  • The shape and size of your room will influence the layout of your furniture. Do you want an in-line, L-shaped, island, U-shaped or parallel layout? What layout is possible in your kitchen?
  • Think about the handling of the utensils to choose their place in the different storage areas.
  • Leave enough space to open the drawers. Also consider the height of certain equipment such as the oven to avoid fatigue from uncomfortable movements.

Three options to help you create your kitchen

Once you have thought about all this, you can move on to what will surely interest you most: the visual of your kitchen. Whether online or in our catalog, you will have the opportunity to see different models of fully equipped kitchens and furniture. You will even be able to customize your kitchen.

Ikea vous aide à créer le plan de votre cuisine.

If you have any doubts or would like a little help, Ikea offers you three options to help you with your project:

  • A free online planner: it will allow you to more easily visualize the different options according to your requirements.
  • A personalized appointment: this can be done online or in store. For 49€, you will be able to meet a specialist who will help you in the design of your kitchen.
  • A kitchen design at home: here, the specialist comes to your home to advise you and provide you with a personalized plan. This option is available from 14€.

The different types of kitchens offered by Ikea

Ikea offers different styles of fully equipped kitchens. From entry-level to mid-range, their prices range from 200 to 500€ depending on size. The cheapest one even costs 135€, but is sold without a sink. The kitchens are sold fully equipped, with cupboard, drawer, mixer tap, sink, siphon and worktop. They are therefore ready to use if you have the appliances.

If you prefer to design your kitchen yourself and choose all the elements independently, you can select and purchase them separately. This way you can control every detail: the choice of furniture, lighting, type of handle or even the interior design of your drawers. To do this, you will have to consider a higher budget since you will choose the elements one by one.

Vous pouvez donner vie à la cuisine Ikea de vos rêves.

Finally, don’t forget to factor home delivery into your budget. Indeed, if you don’t have an adequate means of transportation to bring your purchases home, Ikea stores offer a delivery service. The price of this varies between 39€ and 279€ depending on the speed, the volume of purchases and the delivery zone.

The installation of your Ikea kitchen

Once you have chosen your kitchen, comes the delicate moment of installation. This step is crucial to give an impeccable finish and highlight the choices you made when selecting furniture, equipment and accessories.

Once again, you will have different options to assemble and set up everything in the best way, so that everything fits perfectly in your kitchen. You will have the choice between three installation options.

Personal installation

The most economical solution is of course the personal installation, i.e. by yourself. Its price is unbeatable because it is free! Like all the furniture of the Swedish giant, the equipment sold at Ikéa is made to be assembled and installed by individuals. If you have the right tools and equipment, it is therefore entirely possible for you to install your kitchen on your own.

Une cuisine Ikea peut être montée soi-même.

First of all, you will have to take the different measures to make sure you don’t make a mistake. If you have any doubts, there are explanatory videos on the Ikea website or on Youtube. They will explain how to measure your kitchen properly. Then, it’s up to you! Don’t forget to list all the pieces before you start assembling so that you don’t lose any of them.

Ikea store installation service

If you are not equipped with tools or if you simply prefer to leave the installation part to a third party, you will have to think about this in your budget.

Tous les magasins Ikea proposent un service de pose auquel vous pouvez souscrire sur place ou en ligne. Sachez tout d’abord que celui-ci devra être précédé d’une pré-visite obligatoire de 69€ afin de vérifier les mesures avant l’installation.First of all, you should know that this one will have to be preceded by a compulsory pre-visit of 69€ in order to check the measurements before the installation.

Then, the total cost of the installation will depend on the number of furniture and equipment to be installed. For example, it will cost between 15€ and 30€ for the installation of household appliances or between 59€ and 129€ for the furniture. For the installation of the worktop or credenza, the budget will be higher. You will have to count between 50€ and 100€ per linear meter, depending on the quality and finishes of the pieces.

Installation by an independent craftsman

Finally, you always have the possibility to call upon an independent craftsman for the laying and installation of your kitchen.

Be aware that in this case, the budget will surely be higher. The best way to anticipate this is to ask for quotes from several professionals. You will then be able to compare the costs and services offered.

In summary, to know the price of your Ikea kitchen, you will have to take into account :

  • The cost of a planner if you use outside help, such as a personal appointment or a designer at home ;
  • The price of purchases for your kitchen: furniture, equipment, accessories and finishes ;
  • The cost of home delivery if you can’t handle it ;
  • The cost of the installation, depending on the option you choose.