Price of a wooden terrace

A wooden terrace will give your garden a very warm and welcoming feel! There are several types of wood, for all budgets.

When the sunny days are back, the urge to soak up the sun, long afternoons with friends and barbecues teases us all. What could be better than a beautiful terrace?

In recent years, the fashion has been for wooden terraces. Why not install one in your home, in the garden or around the pool?

Une terrasse en bois est parfaite pour l'été !

Now get several free quotes for installing a wooden deck in your garden and compare them

Advantages of wooden decks

If wooden decks have been very successful lately, it is because they have various advantages.

First of all, there is obviously the visual and aesthetic aspect . These increase the charm of your home through the use of a so-called noble material. The wood will bring warmth and a natural side on the visual level. This will give a more pleasant touch to the look, but also more welcoming to your home.

Then, these terraces are both easy and quick to install , because they are very light. They are often sold as a kit and are also very easy to clean and maintain .

Finally, from an ecological point of view, their environmental impact will be much less than concrete terraces, because the structure can easily be dismantled.

Factors to budget for a wooden deck

If you are interested in this type of installation, you will obviously need to budget before embarking on your new project. The best way to get a clear idea of ​​the overall cost of a wooden deck will be to hire a craftsman. By explaining your wishes to him, he can make a quote adapted to your project.

However, to help you already have an overview of the budget to take into account, here are some points to consider in your forecasts. To calculate the total cost of your terrace, you will need to take these different factors into account:

  • The main material : that is, the type of wooden slabs or planks you will be using. The quality of the material will have a direct impact on the total budget.
  • The size of your patio and the area to be covered.
  • The structure to prepare the surface to be covered : concrete slab, installation on joists or terrace elevation.
  • The cost of the installation : here you have to count the installation by yourself or a professional, but also the equipment and tools necessary for the installation.
  • Maintenance : in some cases, the wood will need to be maintained to withstand bad weather.

The different types of wood

As with any product, there is a wide variety of woods to use in building your patio. In general, we can divide them into three categories:

  • Composite woods : they represent a good quality / price ratio, depending on the range of composite. They will allow you to have a terrace with a perfect imitation wood without having to carry out maintenance. In addition, they are very strong .
  • European timber : two types must be distinguished . On the one hand, softwoods . These are part of a range for more affordable budgets, but they will need to be treated during installation so that they do not rot. In addition, they will need to be replaced after 10-15 years. On the other hand, you will find hardwoods . These are more noble woods, of better quality and very resistant .
  • Exotic woods : the best known of this category is Burmese teak. These woods, as their name suggests, come from tropical forests such as the Amazon or from the forests of Asia. They are used to extreme weather conditions and are therefore very resistant. They will provide a perfect finish for a high-end design.

Différents types de bois peuvent être utilisés dans la construction d'une terrasse en bois.

What cost to expect for the wood?

The price of your patio will depend directly on the quality of your wood and the size of it. It can range from € 1,000 to € 5,000 , with an average price of around € 2,500 excluding tax.

For a more accurate estimate, do not hesitate to contact a professional who will provide you with a detailed estimate. However, in order to give you an idea of ​​the budget you will need to plan, take a look at the wood per m². Here is the average price of wooden deck boards in France:

  • Composite woods : their price ranges from 20 to 80 € depending on the quality of the product, but also according to its finishes (wood color and imitations).
  • Treated pines : they will be more affordable because they are less resistant. It will take between 15 and 50 € depending on the quality of the wood.
  • European hardwoods and exotic woods : due to their aesthetic qualities and resistance, their price will be higher. It starts at € 50 but can go up to € 200 for the more expensive.

Installation of a wooden deck

Installing a wooden deck is not a complex job. If you are used to the job, have free time, and are equipped, you might consider installing it yourself to save money.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to go to a professional and entrust this work to someone who is used to doing it, you can contact different people . For example, you can use:

  • A carpenter craftsman;
  • A professional, all work or a self-employed person;
  • A professional in wood terraces (companies dedicated to terraces or wood constructions);
  • A specialty store.

This last option sometimes allows you to obtain interesting promotions, such as a significant reduction on your invoice or the free installation of your terrace if the amount of your total purchase is important.

Before choosing the solution that suits you best, it is worth comparing prices and services . To do this, ask for quotes from professionals in your region.

What cost to plan for installation without professional help?

If you install your patio yourself, the price will of course be lower. However, in your estimated budget, you will have to take into account all the factors that will have a cost :

  • Wood ;
  • The realization of the decking and the screws to fix the tiles or boards: count around 5-10 € / m² for the screws. Also think about the cost of renting or purchasing the tools needed for setting up (saw, screwdriver, etc.).
  • The terrace structure : this costs between 15 and 40 € per m².

Installer une terrasse en bois soi-même, c'est possible.

It is therefore important to properly estimate all your needs in terms of tools and equipment before starting your work. This will allow you not to have any unpleasant surprises.

What cost to plan for installation by a professional? 

If your budget allows it, it may be more interesting to call on a professional in the sector, such as those presented above. This will guarantee the quality of the installation. In this case, the installation of your wooden terrace will cost on average between 40 and 120 € per square meter . The price difference is obviously in the chosen professional and his experience, but also in the type of wood you have chosen.

One of the advantages of using a professional is that it is possible and common to obtain a global price from the company that will perform the installation. The price which will be proposed to you will thus include the material (wood), the tools necessary for the installation and the complete installation of the terrace.

To facilitate the calculation, we can detail the costs of a complete installation by a professional according to the type of wood selected. Here are several examples:

  • For a first-price wooden terrace , consider between 50 and 75 € per square meter for the supply and installation of the platform.
  • If you opt instead for European timber , then you will have to pay between 60 and 80 € per square meter .
  • When it comes to composite wood , the price increases significantly and you will have to pay around € 100 per square meter .
  • For exotic woods , you will need to count on an amount of € 130 per square meter . These are indeed top-of-the-range materials, not only by their finishes, but also by their price.

So, if it is true that a wooden terrace will add a warm, pleasant and positive value to your home, think carefully about its realization before starting the work. Do not hesitate to get information from professionals in your region and compare the different woods that you can use. Also think about its overall cost in order to enjoy it as long as possible while respecting your budget.

Become a woodworker: find a quote template

You started by doing work at your home and you discovered a passion for wood by installing your own terrace. Your friends found your work remarkable and then asked you to come and help them with a good meal afterwards around a barbecue. Little by little, things have evolved and you are considering starting your own artisan woodworking business . If today with the Internet it is easy to create your own business in a few clicks, you will have some additional administrative procedures to do when you are set up on your own account. One of them is to keep your accounts and make quotes for your customers.As soon as you plan to carry out work affecting the building or the service exceeds 1,500 euros, you are obliged to provide your customers with a quote. Otherwise, you may be fined between 3,000 and 15,000 euros. Knowing that the minimum cost per m2 is 40 euros, you will often exceed these 1500 euros. If you’ve never done a quote before, you might be wondering how to write it and organize it so that the quote turns into a contract . So how do you find a quote template for a self-employed person ? You will find all the information you will need on the Obat blog such as:

  • Mandatory mentions
  • What to do with VAT
  • How to include your conditions
  • Which presentation to favor
  • Quotation models

You can also create a free account to test a quote or invoice template. This is done in a few clicks. In less than 5 minutes, you will have your quote. The software is obviously compatible with Mac and Windows and accessible on your computer, tablet or smartphone.