Price of a wood stove

A wood stove can give a very designer and trendy touch to your interior. Here are the different types and models of wood stoves, and their cost.

In recent years, the wood stove has made a comeback in homes , presenting itself as an alternative to traditional heating. Technical and design developments have brought it up to date. Many individuals have therefore adopted it in order to give their interior a little cachet.

Le poêle à bois permet d'ajouter une touche de décoration à votre intérieur.

Whether as general or auxiliary heating , there is a wide range of different options. This will allow you to choose a stove that suits you completely!

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What are the factors influencing the price of a wood stove?

In order to find the right stove, you will have to consider your needs in terms of heating, aesthetics, comfort and installation . But depending on the option chosen, the price of your stove may vary greatly. It is therefore important to know what factors will influence the final cost.

Obviously, the final price will depend on the purchase cost of your stove and its installation. As for the stove itself, it will cost between € 400 for a simple entry-level stove and € 5,000 for a quality version .

Many factors influence the price, such as brand, quality and finishes , but also the degree of sophistication (manual or automatic) and stove models . However, the two factors that will have the most influence on the final price will be the model of your stove and its wattage.

Wood stove models

Among the models, there are pellet, log, woodchip or mixed stoves. So there is something for all tastes and styles , and you will be spoiled for choice for your home.

The most common models are the so-called log or pellet stoves. To make your selection easier, let’s take a look at them in detail.

Log stoves

They are necessarily made for an auxiliary heating , that is to say attached to a specific room in your home. Otherwise, you would have to install a mass stove, which is much more restrictive.

Their autonomy is limited to a few hours . You must therefore feed it manually to maintain the fire. It is therefore the most economical option: you can find them from 400 € .

Les poêles à bûches doivent être alimentés régulièrement.

Pellet stoves

This is the fashionable stove . A recent model, it also has the advantage of being ecological.

In addition, these stoves are practical because the pellets are easy to store. They are also advantageous by their ease of use and their autonomy . In fact, it is possible, on some models, to have an automatic power supply, or even a temperature adjustment or a programming of the ignition schedule. Obviously, all of these options make the price of this type of stove go up compared to log stoves.

The powers of wood stoves

Another factor that will directly affect the price is the wattage of your stove.

The lowest power available is 4kW and it is, of course, the cheapest. But the power can reach more than 12kW , which will obviously increase the final price.

How do you estimate the power you will need for your stove ? You just need to base yourself on the heating surface:

  • If this surface is smaller than 100m², you can take a 4kW model.
  • If your room has a surface area of ​​between 100 and 150m², opt for a stove between 8 and 10kW instead.
  • If your surface is greater than 150m², choose a power of at least 12kW instead.

Calculating the dimensions of your room (s) to be heated is therefore necessary to know the type of stove you will need.

Types of wood stoves

You will be able to find different types of stoves on the market. Here they are, along with their average price:

  • The suspended wood stove : it has no base, which makes it very aesthetic . Indeed, it suspended by the exhaust duct. It is the ideal stove to give a modern touch to your interior decoration. For these, you will need to count between € 1,000 and € 5,000 .
  • The cast iron stove : this is the classic stove . It will offer you excellent thermal inertia and will therefore allow you to save money. Depending on the model, you will need to spend between € 400 and € 5,000 . However, pay attention to its location: the floor must be strong and resistant, as this stove is very heavy.
  • The corner stove : as its name suggests, it is made to be placed at the corner of a room . This will have the advantage of saving you space, but also of making it more discreet. For this type of stove, count between € 500 and € 5,000 .
  • The double combustion stove : to heat, this type of stove first uses the gases of the first combustion, and then those of the residual gases. This makes it possible to obtain a better yield . It will take between 350 € and 3000 € for this purchase.
  • The built-in stove : as with the corner stove, it saves space. Indeed, it will be placed inside your wall . However, this type of installation requires more extensive work. So it can be a good option if it is thought of when renovating or building the room. Here, you will need to spend between € 300 and € 5,000 .

Il existe des poêles à bois très design.

Installing a wood stove

Once your stove is purchased, you will need to install it. It is generally recommended to call on a professional craftsman , especially for the installation of the evacuation duct of the gases resulting from the combustion.

What should you watch out for?

Concerning the installation, certain standards must be respected in order to limit the risk of fire. For example, you will need to make sure the stove is installed on a non-combustible surface, such as tile or cement. You will also need to position it at a minimum distance of about 30 centimeters from the wall to allow air to circulate and dissipate heat.

In addition, before installation, also remember to take into account the configuration of the room that will host your wood stove. Note its shape (L, U, square,…), any partitions, the number of levels,… All of this will also be useful to you in choosing your model. Indeed, when choosing your stove, in addition to aesthetic criteria, it is important to take into account technical considerations. This will avoid encountering problems in the future.

For example, you will have to think about the side where to place the smoke outlet and therefore the installation of the pipe. You will also need to know if you prefer to feed your stove from the rear, the right or the left.

How much does it cost to install a wood stove?

The cost of the installation will depend on a lot of factors. Among these are the model you have chosen, its location and your supplier. It will generally be necessary to envisage approximately 1000 € minimum . The price can be lower if the installation is very simple, but it can also go up to more than 3000 € . For example, a standard installation with 6 meters of tube will cost you around 1,300 €.

Do not hesitate to ask for quotes from professionals. If the person installing it is also your supplier, you might get better prices.

In addition, note that even if the installation is quite possible by an individual, the use of a craftsman allows your installation to be eligible for certain ecological aids and bonuses , or even a VAT at 5.5% . These cumulative amounts could help you finance part of your « wood stove » operation!

So do not hesitate to inquire and request different quotes from professionals. Finally, don’t forget to think carefully before you start your purchase of a wood stove.